Customer Insights- June 2022

Customer Insights 2022

We are often asked by owners, agencies and suppliers what makes a typical customer? The truth is we don’t put people in boxes. All of our guests are unique, which is why we offer a personalised service. We love working in the luxury space, one of the reasons is meeting a variety of people from different cultures. In spite of that, we look for common themes and trends so we can make sure our Swish proposition is continually updated.

Here’s some real data based on our past year of trading. We think you will agree, this makes for interesting reading!

  1. Most Common Questions
  2. Most Popular Services Purchased
  3. Most Demanded Amenities
  4. Most Common Grocery Requests
  5. Guests with Pets
  6. What do Guests Value the Most?
  7. What do Guests do on Holiday?
Customer insights 2022
Customer insights – Meaning Cloud

1. Things Guests Ask

Out of all the questions guests ask, one you may be surprised at is that many are keen to know what type of coffee machine there is. Our analysis showed it was actually 70% of guests! That is right, of all the bookings we have had in the past year, roughly 70% of them were very interested indeed in their caffeine fix in the morning. And, who can blame them?

Most Common Questions Asked, %

Question Results
Can we drink the water? 56%
Is food provided? 40%
Do you provide linen? 52%
How far is the beach? 60%
Type of Coffee? 70%

As you may expect, other common questions include “Can we drink the water?” and “How far is the beach?”

How far is the beach

2. Most Popular Services Purchased

This one is hardly surprising. Housekeeping is the number one service and 84% of all bookings in the past year have requested it. In second place is transport, followed by facials and private chef services.

Transport services
Facials & Beauty
Private Chef


3. Most Demanded Amenities

Our customers love their creature comforts. Surprisingly, even though Marbella has a fantastic climate, heated pools are a common requirement. Other highly demanded amenities are a spa, cinema room and office space.

Animation Example #6
Amenities Demand
Heated pool 80
Spa 50
Cinema room 40
Office space 60

4. Most Common Grocery Requests

We are happy to shop for groceries for clients.

Here are the most popular requested items:

Question Results
Bacon and Eggs 40%
Bread 90%
Fresh Fruits and Juices 85%
Cheeses 60%
  • Bacon and Eggs (over 40% of our guests have asked for this!)
  • Bread (very common, around 90 percent of our guests include bread in their orders)
  • Fresh Fruits and Juices – This is not a surprise considering Spain has such great fresh produce.
  • Cheeses – local cheeses are a firm favourite with guests, as well as cheeses from home. We have had several requests for a good French Brie and English cheeses including Cheddar.


5. Guests with Pets

We recognise all of our guests, even the furry ones, Here is a percentage split of parties with different types of pets or none! 85% of parties don’t have pets but the other 15% do. You may be wondering what the “other” pet category included.

6. What do Guests Value the Most?

We tend to survey our guests on exit, and there are some fascinating results. Guests who completed the questionnaire over the past year said they valued modern design more than minimalistic or traditional. They also valued privacy over a beachfront location.

Most valued in villas, our top findings:

• Proximity to Puente Romano scored much higher than proximity to Puerto Banus
• Privacy was highly valued (nearly all respondents ticked this)
• Sea and mountain views were highly sought after but sea views were more popular than mountain views
• Fast Wifi was a universally desired amenity with all guests
• Most guests agreed that service was more important than the property itself

Puente Romano - Sea grill swimming pool

7. What do Guests do on Holiday?

Many of our guests enjoy going to the pool or beach. (Newsflash!) But, did you know that only 4% come here to play tennis and 35% play golf here?

We asked guests if they will do any of these activities on holiday

Surprisingly, watersports were more popular than tennis!

Question Results
Fitness (Gym) 12%
Running 18%
Hiking 8%
Watersports 8%
Tennis 4%
Golf 35%

Kiteboading water sports

And what about you? Tell us what you look for in a fantastic holiday!

With love,

The Swish team xx



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