Swish has big news: Humans of Marbella is live!

Swish has big news: Humans of Marbella is live!

Marbella may have a stunning and glitzy image but we all know that beauty is only skin deep. That’s why we are going below the surface for our new mini series, Marbella Unfiltered. Make sure you follow @humansofmarbella

Get ready because from today we’ll be releasing something exciting every single week! We’ll be showcasing the people and places you may not find in a standard guide book.

This is a shout-out to the city’s vibrant personalities. We’ll be interviewing the owners, the workers, the mothers, the “ladies that lunch”and the trend setters that make this city so special.

Every week we will be sharing another story of Marbella. Starting with the theme of food as after all, who doesn’t love to eat? Each article will feature a different restaurant or bar you may not have heard of before and tell the real stories of the people behind the scenes who make it happen.

These are the “Humans of Marbella”. Our goal is to bring the city to life with real stories, be they heartwarming, inspirational or bizarre. We will tell it like it is!

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We think you’ll agree, Marbella is even better under the surface!


The Swish  team xx



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