We Don’t Talk Anymore…

We don't talk anymore - Swish Magazine Marbella

Going away with a new partner or friend is the perfect way to get to know each other. Think of those idyllic days eating breakfast together on the terrace, then sightseeing, joined at the hip. Follow this with lunch, and an afternoon or evening on the beach, just you and your travelling companion. The evenings will be spent talking with that same person up into the wee hours. That’s right. You’ll be with your fellow holiday-maker Every. Single. Day!

A recipe for success or disaster?

Before you take the plunge with a new co- vacationer, read our guide to the 7 common types of traveller, how to recognise them and their good and bad points.  Worth a read before you commit to the trip!

1. The explorer

This travelling companion wants to see it all, hear it all and do it all, usually before 11 am. Any guided tour, they will be on it. Hiking boots are ready and polished before the local cafes even open. Their idea of a relaxing holiday involves some serious mileage on foot, and certainly doesn’t involve lying on a beach for hours.

Identify the explorer by their choice of footwear ( note- carki shorts and hiking boots are a dead giveaway.)

Ideal companion for those with copious amounts of energy. Warning- if you are looking for a restful vacation, leave the explorer at home.

The Explorer - Swish Magazine Marbella

2. The comfort- zoner

This traveller knows what they like and how they like it. They very rarely stray from the norm. In Spain, tapas won’t work for them, as sharing is not an option, neither are new tastes and local cuisine. The comfort-zoner has a low propensity to leave the pool and check out the beach, or to go off piste without a guide.

Identify the comfort- zoner by their luggage. They will always make room for their favourite foods from home.

Warning- choose this type of travelling companion at your peril, unless you also want to eat pizza every night.

The confort - The Swish magazine Marbella

3. The talker

We all like a natter but the talker takes this to new levels. The talker likes to explain previous conversations, repeat them, and give their opinion, twice, on the subject at hand. Often full of stories and entertainment, this traveller is always the last one up putting the world to rights.

Identify the talker by their high-pitched chatter. When they don’t pause for breath in between words, you know you are on holiday with a motormouth.

Warning – only choose this type of travelling companion if you are hard of hearing or haven’t really spoken to anyone for a while, for instance after isolation.

The Talker - The Swish magazine Marbella

4. The slob

The slob can be identified by their messy behaviour. Usually this only becomes evident after a day or two of co-habiting. This traveller doesn’t see the need for keeping things clean, after all, they are on holiday. If you’re sharing a room with one, you’ll notice dirty clothes and underwear strewn casually on the floor. The slob particularly enjoys leaving wet towels on the terrace or hanging them from the balcony.

Warning- do not choose this vacation buddy if you have OCD

5. The Instagrammer

With this prince or princess you will get to experience some wonderful sights. You will probably also learn something new about photography and lighting. Oh yes, most of the holiday will be spent finding ideal locations for the next story or post, and taking countless re shoots of them to find their best angle.

The Instagrammer makes an ideal companion for those looking for work experience to get into a career in social media. Warning: If you want a holiday where it’s all about you, best avoid.

The Instagrammer - The Swish magazine Marbella

6. The party animal

We all go on holiday to relax and have fun but the party animal has only one objective: go wild. The party animal can be distinguished from a regular fun lover on holiday by their timing. For this type of companion, the day is wasted time- the fun starts in the afternoon when they wake up and ends about 5 am. Warning- if you want to spend quality time on the beach or get out and about the party animal is not for you.

The party animal - The Swish magazine Marbella

7. The hobby bore

We all know one. There is a certain type of friend who is obsessive about their hobby and talks about this at length, day in, day out.  The hobby bore can be identified by their desire to convert you to this activity they love so much. There is usually perpetual reinforcement that you really should take up an interest in bird watching, canoeing, formula 1 racing, or whatever their passion is.

Warning- This type of traveller will try to convert the trip into a themed adventure. Don’t be surprised if they control the group’s agenda with trips to the local bird watching park.

The hobby bore - The Swish Magazine Marbella

So, please heed our advice. Be careful who you book with, or you just might end up .. not talking anymore!




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