When and How to Book your Holiday to Marbella

When and How to Book your Holiday to Marbella

Are you a Spontaneous Holiday Maker or a Well-Prepared Planner?

If you are considering a holiday in Marbella, make sure you know when and how to book, after all, you wouldn’t want to be left with no where to stay!

As Marbella is a seasonal venue, properties do tend to get booked up at peak times and reserving in good time is essential.

But even though it’s common knowledge that booking early can be beneficial, at Swish, we have noticed that holiday makers generally fall into two camps- those who plan in advance and those “last minute lovelies” who just want to be spontaneous.

We will do our best to help both of course, but which are you?  Are you a last-minute holiday booker or a meticulous planner?  And, how should each type approach a vacation in Marbella?

It seems there are two types of holidaymakers in the world, and they couldn’t be more different if they tried.

The “Last Minute Lovelies”

The last-minute bookers are the free-spirited, spontaneous types who love nothing more than the thrill of the unknown. They live life on the edge, and their holiday plans reflect that. They wait until the very last minute to book their flights and accommodation, in the hope of scoring a bargain deal or simply because they love excitement.

The Last minute travel

These holidaymakers are a lot like cats – they have a mind of their own, and they’ll do whatever they want, whenever they want. Schedules or itineraries do not bind them, and they relish in the freedom that comes with spontaneity. However, they can sometimes find themselves in hot water when they leave things to the last minute, such as missing out on their preferred destinations or accommodation.

If you fall into this category, beware. Some of the finest properties in Marbella get booked up early. Can you perhaps make a bargain with yourself? Book the accommodation and flights in good time and leave the rest to chance like the excursions? Or, if you really don’t want to over-plan, leave the planning to us, tell us your budget and your preferred dates and we will do the rest. (Yes, this means some level of decision-making, sorry!) But don’t worry as we will surprise you with the best options and keep you feeling excited about Marbella.

The Perfect Planners

On the other hand, the planners are the methodical, detail-oriented types who like to have everything mapped out before they leave. They pore over travel guides, meticulously plan their itineraries, and book their accommodation months in advance. These holidaymakers are the dogs of the travel world – loyal and reliable.

The Perfect Planners

Planners enjoy the comfort of having everything organised and the satisfaction of checking off each item on their itinerary. However, they can sometimes find themselves bogged down by the rigidity of their plans, and may miss out on the unexpected pleasures that come with spontaneity. If you fall into this group may we recommend you do something that takes you out of your comfort zone while on holiday in Marbella? How about an adventure sport or a trip away? Read our guide to Marbella for thrill seekers here! Go on, let your hair down!

So, which type of holidaymaker are you? Do you embrace the thrill of last-minute travel, or do you prefer the security of a well-planned itinerary? Whichever type you are, remember that the most important thing is to enjoy your holiday, no matter how you get there!

Luxury villas for rental in Marbella

At Swish we cater for all types of holidaymakers and we can be the planning guru you need, or we can leave it all to you. The beauty of staying in a luxury home-from-home is that it’s all on your terms. Tell us if you need help organising a meal out, or totally switch off and do your own thing, it’s up to you. We are here before, during and after your stay in Marbella, and we can’t wait to welcome you, whether that is one hour earlier than planned or whether you are rushing to get to the check-in on time. We say, bring it on!

Browse our range of luxury villas for rental in Marbella here.

With love,

The Swish team xx



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