14 Reasons You’ll Return Healthier from Your Next Holiday in Marbella

14 Reasons You’ll Return Healthier from Your Next Holiday in Marbella

A holiday in Marbella, with its beautiful beaches and vibrant atmosphere, offers much more than just relaxation and fun. The Mediterranean lifestyle and the town’s abundant wellness options contribute to an overall healthier experience.

Here are 14 compelling reasons why your holiday in Marbella will leave you feeling revitalized, both physically and mentally.

1. Vitamin D from the Sun

Marbella’s sunny climate provides the perfect opportunity to soak up the natural vitamin D from the sun. Spending time outdoors and basking in the warm rays not only enhances your mood but also boosts your immune system and bone health. Just make sure to protect your skin from the sun appropriately.

Vitamin D from the sun

2. Walking More

Whether you explore the charming old town, stroll along the beach promenade, or hike in the nearby mountains, Marbella encourages you to move more. Embrace the joy of walking amidst picturesque surroundings, which not only helps you burn calories but also allows you to connect with nature.

Woman walking beach

3. Swimming in the Sea is Good for the Soul

The therapeutic effects of swimming in the sea are undeniable. The saltwater soothes your body and invigorates your senses, providing a refreshing escape from the daily grind. The sound of the waves and the vastness of the ocean create a serene and peaceful ambiance that revitalizes the soul.

Swimmer in the sea

4. Healthy Food

Marbella’s culinary scene caters to health-conscious travellers with its organic and gluten-free options. Organic Marbella and Celicioso Cafe are just a few places that offer wholesome, nutritious meals and delicious gluten-free treats, ensuring you can maintain a balanced diet while indulging in delightful flavors.

Healthy food

5. Drinking Lots of Pure Water

Staying hydrated is essential for overall health, and Marbella’s warm climate makes it even more crucial. Fresh and pure water is readily available, reminding you to quench your thirst regularly and keep your body well-hydrated.

Drinking Lots of Pure Water

6. Olive Oil and Olives

The Mediterranean diet is renowned for its health benefits, and Marbella is no exception. Savor the richness of olive oil and olives, abundant in healthy monounsaturated fats and antioxidants that contribute to cardiovascular health and overall well-being.

Olive oil and Olives

7. A Holiday in Marbella is Good for the Mind

Taking a break from the usual routine and immersing yourself in a holiday experience can do wonders for your mental health. Marbella’s captivating landscapes, laid-back ambiance, and vibrant culture create an ideal setting for relaxation and rejuvenation of the mind.

A Holiday in Marbella is Good for the Mind

8. Wellness Spa and Yoga

Unwind and pamper yourself with a visit to one of Marbella’s wellness spas. Indulge in rejuvenating treatments that soothe your body and mind, leaving you feeling completely revitalized. You can even have a therapist sent to your private villa should you wish.
Marbella is an ideal resort to participate in yoga sessions to strengthen your body, improve flexibility, and promote inner peace. Try yoga on the beach, at one of the city’s gyms or at your private villa.

Wellness Spa and Yoga

9. Fresh Seafood

Marbella’s proximity to the sea ensures a constant supply of fresh seafood. Enjoy delectable dishes rich in omega-3 fatty acids, promoting heart health and supporting brain function. (It also is a healthy indulgence for foodies like us who just love the taste of fresh fish.)

Fresh Seafood

10. Active Adventures

Embrace Marbella’s active lifestyle by renting a bicycle and exploring the scenic routes or engaging in adventurous activities like paddleboarding, kayaking, or hiking, adding an extra dose of fun and exercise to your holiday. There’s something about the sunshine that really promotes us to move, to explore and to have fun!

Active Adventures - paddleboarding

11. Stress Relief and Relaxation

Marbella’s tranquil beaches and peaceful spots offer the perfect environment to unwind, letting go of stress and tension. The soothing sound of the waves and gentle sea breeze have a calming effect on the mind. And, if you’re lucky enough to be staying in one of our beachfront properties like Villa La Luisa, you can even soothe yourself to sleep with the sound of the waves.

Stress Relief and Relaxation

12. Connection with Nature

Marbella’s natural beauty and lush landscapes create opportunities for connection with nature. Engaging with the environment, whether through walks in the botanical gardens around The Puente Romano hotel or hiking in the mountains, fosters a sense of grounding and serenity. Nothing quite beats it!

Connection with Nature

13. Mindful Moments

The leisurely pace of life in Marbella encourages you to embrace mindful moments, savoring the present and appreciating the simple pleasures that surround you. Here, it can take time to adapt to the pace, but trust us- if you let go and relinquish control, you will feel so much lighter.

Mindful Moments

14. Digital Detox

Spending time away from our phones is good for the mind, body and spirit. Now please don’t worry, we won’t be confiscating your iPhone on arrival! But, we do give you every opportunity to unplug should you wish to, especially with beautiful views, sun loungers and lush private pools to enjoy.

Digital Detox

A holiday in Marbella is more than just a sunshine break it’s a way to nourish the mind, body and soul!
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