Escape to Anamayas! Exclusive Swish Villas in the Anamaya Development, Marbella

Escape to Anamayas! Exclusive Swish Villas in the Anamaya Development, Marbella

Unparalleled Luxury in the Anamaya Development

Perched atop the hills above Marbella, the Anamaya development offers its residents unmatched luxury, privacy, and breathtaking views. Designed by architect Juan Salvador Shvartzberg with a discerning clientele in mind, Anamaya boasts a sense of tranquility that is not easy to come by. The stylish and clever designs of each villa are complemented by impressive vistas: How do you fancy looking down on the valley below with the sea in the distance?

Well now you can!

Swish is proud to offer not one, but two, 5-bedroomed, impressive villas in the Anamaya complex for short-term rental. Both offer an extremely high standard of accommodation, good taste and of course, that intangible quality. It’s a special feeling that resonates through you when you enter a villa like this, we can’t even put a name to it. Uplifting? You bet!

Where is Anamaya in Marbella?

The Anamaya development sits beautifully in the Golf Valley area, in the hills above Marbella. For this reason, you will feel like you are on top of the world here, with a high degree of privacy. Being located in the Nueva Andalucía area, it’s also an ideal base for golfers with several of the best golf courses in Marbella on its doorstep.

Where is Anamaya in Marbella? - Villa Anamaya - Nueva Andalucia, Marbella

What does Anamaya mean?

In Sanskrit, Anamaya means “one who is blessed with good health and a happy life.” We can see how this prestigious group of 5 exclusive villas got their name. The whole aura of the place is tranquil and serene, naturally.

Which properties does Swish offer for rental in The Anamaya Development?

Currently we offer two absolutely stunning properties in the Anamaya development, both exclusive to Swish. Both of these spacious villas have views of the hills overlooking Marbella and the sea below.  The only decision you will have to make is choosing which one!

    1. Villa Anamaya

      Walk into Anamaya and your reaction will go something like this: awe, wonder, smiling (surely this is too good to be true, right?) and then finally an incredible sense of zen. You’ll know you have made it, and as you sit by the glistening poolside contemplating the views, you will think to yourself: ‘life is good!’

      Anamaya has such charm and this 5-bedroomed villa with 5 bathrooms has been designed in such a way that will keep surprising you. There is a tasteful interior, divine terraces, an outdoor and indoor pool with a quirky flower wall.

      One more thing, dogs are allowed. Anamaya is one of our pet friendly villas and your furry companions will just love it here!

    2. Villa Anamaya 1

      Another 5-bedroomed, glorious retreat above the hills of Marbella, with its own unique style. Anamaya 1 has a truly impressive view from its outdoor pool, spanning over the whole valley below. This is the kind of stuff dreams are made of! It also boasts a very slick interior and plenty of space to sit and contemplate life.

Two luxury rental villas, one choice. Yours!

Which one to choose? Let the Swish team help you decide. Contact us for any enquiries or to discover more about the Golf Valley, Marbella rentals, or any aspect of your holiday in this luxury resort on The Costa Del Sol.



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