Finding Yourself: Why Solo Travel Could be the Making of You

Why Solo travel Could be the Making of You

Couples often see holidays as a bonding experience, but what about travelling alone? Will it be “make or break” with yourself? Are you brave enough to go it alone?

Perhaps one of the most empowering ideas after a break-up is to travel alone. Here’s why: you’ll find you think about that ex much less when you are no longer surrounded by places you have been together, mutual friends and acquaintances. Plus, you will be distracted by a change of scene. When your default has been “we” you may find it takes a little while to get used to “I” again, but once you get the independent travel bug, there is no going back.

The new conscientious solo traveller

Since the pandemic of 2020 solo travel has actually seen a boom. The likelihood is that people are now more inspired to act on the impulse to take that bucket list trip of a lifetime. According to,”people are traveling more conscientiously than before Covid so many are pursuing personal, life-altering experiences.”  For 2022 this trend is set to continue, as the modern traveller is looking for escapades, wellness and luxury that bring a sense of meaning. It’s no longer just about backpacking or traipsing from hostel to hostel, solo guests today value creature comforts and self-care.

The new conscientious solo traveller

Taking a luxury trip alone means you leave feeling pampered both mentally and physically too.  And it needn’t be boring: There is no reason why adventure can’t start with silver service!

Working with a high-quality concierge team can bring you some fantastic experiences for one and enrich your trip. You can also tap into organised tours and events.  This is your opportunity to spoil yourself after all.

Swish tips for solo travellers

Thanks to modern technology, there are many ways to get over those fearful thoughts about travelling solo that could hold you back.

Before you set off, it’s essential to consider safety precautions like how you will communicate with those back home about your whereabouts, and any health vaccinations needed.  Ride sharing apps like Uber can help with transport when you don’t speak the language and provide digital reassurance that you’re on the right path! It’s also a good idea to research the best places to visit online and understand where you will feel most comfortable. If dining alone doesn’t float your boat, ensure to choose self-catering accommodation so you can have the option of cooking, or explore apps like “Eat With” where you can meet dining buddies. Just because you are on your own you don’t have to miss out.

Get a tan

It may sound like a cliché, but having an opportunity to travel alone can be a catalyst to a new you. You have to make all the decisions, you have to get yourself across town in a foreign land and you are responsible for every aspect of the trip. But isn’t that exciting? Think of the positives, there is only one person to please on this trip and that’s you. This is a time to get back to understanding what you like, and in some ways, who you really are. Remember, you won’t be the only one travelling alone. Many books have been written about self empowerment through travel, check them out here. Are you ready to start your story?

Why Solo Travel Could be the Making of You

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