Keeping Fit on Holiday: How and Where to Work out in Marbella

Keeping Fit on Holiday: How and Where to Work out in Marbella

With its glitzy reputation and a fair collection of beach clubs in Marbella, image is everything, darling! The quest for the perfect body lives on, but how exactly do the people of Marbella stay in shape? And more importantly how can you keep up with your training regime when visiting just for a short time?

We have interviewed a number of Marbella’s top fitness gurus to get the low-down on the city’s fitness trends, the best studios and gyms and even asked them for workout tips. It turns out there is no “one size fits all” and consistency is key. That’s why we have pulled together a range of the best exercise options for our dear readers, whether you are a die-hard “go for the burn” type or whether you are looking for something more gentle. Don’t forget, we also organise private yoga lessons and personal training sessions for Swish guests. (If you prefer to just relax by the pool though in your luxury villa, that’s still ok!)

So what’s your passion? Downward dog followed by deep breathing or 200 burpees and circuits? Whatever it is, you need to know how and where to do it in Marbella.

The Coolest Places to Work Out and Be Seen in Marbella

So where in Marbella looks good for those (only slightly staged) fitness photos for your Instagram followers? Here in Marbella you have the great outdoors, and believe us, it really is great here. With plentiful beaches and stunning sunsets, you can work out al fresco on your own, in organised yoga sessions or even play a game of volleyball on the beaches of The Golden Mile.

For those who want a seriously cool gym to hang out in however, the only two letters you need to know are I and O.  The I/O is a new and superb health club in San Pedro De Alcantara. The I stands for input, the O for output. (Both are very important apparently.) But do you have what it takes? This is the gym for the beautiful people and judging by The I/O’s social media it’s also a place to hone a pretty awesome physique all the while looking amazing. If you’re only here on holiday you may wish to relocate to Marbella just to become a year-round member, that is if you get accepted into their exclusive club. Apply for The I/O here.

The I/O Club

Yoga, Pilates and Wellness in Marbella

Fitness trends have moved on. It’s not all about aggressive cardio or going for the burn. In Marbella yoga, pilates and related activities are all very much “en vogue” and we have located some of the best trainers who offer classes and private sessions here.

Vanesa Domínguez Ballesteros, @vane_yogajitsu on Instagram is a “Meta Body Specialist”, who has grown her own reputation through her passion for yoga, pilates, martial arts and personal training and landed herself an exclusive gig at San Pedro’s most prestigious health club, The I/O ( see above.) Vanesa is your ‘go to guru’ for Power Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, Yin Yoga and more exciting and challenging classes that can be tailored to the individual. Contact Vanesa here.


For those wanting something a little different, we have also looked into pilates in Marbella. There are numerous venues offering classes, and one of those with a relaxing and welcoming ambience  is Elite studio in San Pedro de Alcantara.  You can pay per session without a joining fee and take part in classes which include meditation and breathwork, pilates and yoga. Just added for spring 2022 is a new ballet barre class by @absolutepilatesmarbella.

Personal Training in Marbella

We spoke to personal trainer Jose Eduardo Moreno Robledo, you’ll find him under the handle @eleventoeleventrainer on Instagram. He’s pretty clued up about the Marbella scene as he works on a one-to-one basis at several gyms in town with international clients and he even has his own fitness range too with the 11:11 branding!


He told us what we already suspected, that Marbella is a great place to workout as it’s sunny and warm most of the year. (No excuses then!) He also commented that he’s seen more and more people getting into fitness since the Covid pandemic, just as much for their mental health as for their physical health.  Jose specialises in functional training and uses the TRX a great deal with clients. So now we know, that’s how you get the ripped, lean look!

Contact Jose here for personal training.


For those who have a lot of energy, Kickboxing is a great way to burn it off. We spoke to Milva Gaudiosi, a working mother from Estepona who commutes regularly to Marbella and fits in her fitness classes before work at Apollo Gym, San Pedro de Alcantara.  She raves about the kickboxing classes at Apollo and told us “kick-boxing is great and makes me feel super positive. Marbella is a place for the beautiful people but what is really important is feeling good. I recommend anyone should give kickboxing a go and Marbella has so many gyms to take classes in.”


Another such gym dedicated to “punching it out” is Fighters Marbella in Puerto Banus. Here, you can join just on a day pass for only 15 Euros and take part in classes. Do be warned though, this is not a gentle workout!

Cross Fit in Marbella

We could not complete our guide to fitness in Marbella without mentioning Cross Fit. What is it? If you have to ask, then you probably shouldn’t start the activity on holiday as it’s going to be tough. Cross Fit has become almost a religion for many around the world, with heavy HIIT style training with weights, tyres and ropes. Expect burpees, expect squats, expect to feel sore the next day. Do we hear a hell yes?  If so then you should check out Marbella’s own Cross Fit centre, where you are very welcome even if you’re just here  on holiday. Find rates for Marbella Cross fit here.


So that’s our simple guide to exercise in Marbella. We hope you feel inspired to hone that body beautiful. If not, check out our guide to the 5 best series to binge watch from a Swish Villa. (We can even organise pop-corn and potato chips for you. Shhh, don’t tell the personal trainers!)


The Swish team x



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