The Swish Guide to Beach Clubs in Marbella in 2022

The Swish guide to beach clubs in Marbella in 2022

When it comes to a beach club, we want it all: Plush towels, ice-cold cocktails served straight to our Balinese style beds and chilled music gently contrasting with the sound of the sea in the distance.

With over 18 miles of coastline in Marbella we have become rather spoilt, we can actually have it all and we can’t wait for summer.

It still pays to be in the know. So to help you decide where to spend your precious beach days, here are our top recommendations for beach clubs in Marbella in 2022.

For party lovers

  1. Ocean Club
  2. Nikki Beach
  3. Nosso Summer

Beach Clubs in Golden Mile

  1. Marbella Club
  2. El Chiringuito
  3. Trocadero Playa

Funky & Hippy Beach Clubs

  1. Nao Beach Club
  2. Sonora Beach Club
  3. Siroko Beach Club
  4. Playa Padre

Beach Clubs in Marbella for those who love to Party

  1. Ocean Beach Club

    For those who approach a day at the beach with a “go big or go home” attitude,  Ocean Club is a classic. This is a large and impressive beach club near Puerto Banus where you’ll find champagne parties, cocktails and plenty of bling.
    Ocean club website:

    The Swish guide to beach clubs in Marbella in 2022 - Ocean club
    Ocean club
  2. Nikki Beach Club

    Legendary white and red parties are held here each year and Nikki beach has become an iconic landmark on the Marbella scene.  This is the place to drink champagne, to party and to let loose.
    Nikki Beach website:

    The Swish guide to beach clubs in Marbella in 2022 -Nikki beach
    Nikki beach
  3. Nosso Summer Beach Club

    Stunning cocktails, DJs, live music at sunset and a fantastic restaurant. What more could you want?
    Nesso website: Nossomarbella

    The Swish guide to beach clubs in Marbella in 2022 - Nosso Summer Club
    Nosso Summer Club

Golden Mile Beach Clubs in Marbella

  1. Marbella Club

    Keeping the “Old School Chic” flavour alive in Marbella, The Marbella Club beach club offers a premium beach experience where you can relax in style. Situated on The Golden Mile, next to the hotel.
    Marbella club website:

    The Swish guide to beach clubs in Marbella in 2022 - Marbella club
    Marbella club
  2. Puente Romano- El Chiringuito

    A great restaurant and beach club for those who want the perfect balance between relaxation and fun.  The restaurant and beach club remains elegantly understated and stylish. Choose El Chiringuito for fresh and healthy food, cocktails and good times.
    Puente Romano website:

    The Swish guide to beach clubs in Marbella in 2022 - Puente Romano Club
    Puente Romano Club
  3. Trocadero Playa Marbella

    Enjoy a well prepared rice dish in the restaurant, or sip on a frozen daiquiri delivered straight to your sunlounger, you decide! Trocadero group has a range of stunning beach clubs throughout the area, this one is ideal for a day at the beach in the heart of The Golden Mile, and is open all year round.
    Trocadero playa website:

    The Swish guide to beach clubs in Marbella in 2022 - Trocadero playa Marbella
    Trocadero playa Marbella

Funky and Hippy Chic Beach Clubs in Marbella

  1. Nao Beach Club

    Nao is a beach club with a difference, it’s a pool club set slightly inland.
    Despite the lack of beach it’s become a veritable mecca for Marbella’s cool crowd.  This is a place to see and be seen. Indulge in sushi and cocktails while taking in the stylish surroundings.

    Beach clubs in Marbella in 2022 Nao restaurante
    Nao restaurante
  2. Sonora Beach Club

    Sonora is tucked away just on the outskirts of Estepona and the first thing you will notice are the brightly coloured Balinese style beach umbrellas. The venue has a hippy chic feel with lots of colour.  Live DJ sets attract a laid back but funky crowd.

    Sonora beach
    Sonora beach
  3. Siroko Beach Club

    Siroko beach is a hidden gem in the eastern region of Marbella where the pale sandy beach and trendy interior will have you thinking you’ve landed in Ibiza!  Come here for stylish beach days often accompanied by live music well into the night.

    Siroko beach
    Siroko beach
  4. Playa Padre

    A mexican themed beach club, known for its oh so cool vibe and slightly relaxed image, day to night. The restaurant serves Asian & Mediterranean fusion cuisine and hosts live DJ sets and events.

    Playa Padre Marbella
    Playa Padre

Will you be joining us at the beach this summer? Contact a Swish representative for any questions about beaches, pools, accommodation or just for a friendly chat before, during or after your stay.

Love the Swish team x

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