Make your Year more Swish! Alternative New Year’s Resolutions for 2023

Make your Year more Swish! Alternative New Year's Resolutions for 2023

Happy New Year!

It’s the start of another year and with that comes a wave of New Year’s resolutions. Many people decide this is a good time to start detoxing, going to the gym, or dedicating themselves to their work. Do you feel a little heavier than you did before the holidays? Have you had time to reflect and decided to spend less time in the office this year and more time at home? Or, perhaps this is the year you will smash it in your own business or run that marathon?

Having goals is one thing, but punishing ourselves with a “new year, new you” philosophy may not be as easy or as fruitful as we hope. We don’t magically change on the first of January, so achieving those highly ambitious and punishing targets can be hard.

That is why we suggest you make this the year you resolve to put yourself first. Make it less about strenuous resolutions and more about positive solutions!

Read on for our advice for how to make 2023 amazing with our alternative guide to New Year’s Resolutions. Make 2023 your most Swish year yet!

The Swish Alternative New Year’s Resolutions

Rather than gruelling workouts, giving up what you love, or the latest fad diet, could there be a different way? We believe that self-improvement is good, but there are ways and means to go about it.

Here are our suggestions to make your New Year’s resolutions far more potent, so you can get on with living the good life in 2023. (Perhaps while sipping on something fruity on a Swish lounger!)

  1. “Make social media work for you, not against you!”

    We say- if you like it, allow yourself time to scroll, but make sure it’s controlled. Follow fascinating accounts that will stimulate your learning on social media:  This could include authors you like or motivational speakers. Cut ties with anyone negative on your social accounts or anyone who drags you down.
    Obviously, it’s ok to follow @Swishmarbella for some well-deserved holiday day dreaming too. In fact, it’s a 2023 must!
    Make social media work for you, not against you

  2. “Feel great and love your body!”

    There must be a sensible approach if you need to lose weight or change your eating habits. We don’t believe in fad diets or extremes. Giving up sugar is hard, and so is sticking to an extreme regime. At Swish, we believe that a little of what you fancy does you good, so make sure you build in some treats too, as part of a balanced diet. Focus on getting healthy for the long term. Tip: Long walks on one of Marbella’s most glorious beaches will help you feel fantastic.
    Feel great and love your body

  3. “Take time out, so you feel more in control.”

    Just saying you want to be more organised is too vague to make any sense, but taking time out, whether 5 minutes or half an hour per day, to sit and reflect will do you a world of good. You don’t have to put labels on it like ‘meditation’ or ‘relaxation’, if that makes it sound like a chore. Just do it! Even a nice morning coffee in the sunshine helps clear the mind so you can easily plan your day. Get a new morning ritual you love, preferably with a stunning view like this!

    Villa Auriga, Marbella. A great place to reflect!
    Villa Auriga, Marbella. A great place to reflect!
  4. “Enjoy your family more”

    Cut back on excess time at work and ramp up the fun times with loved ones. Make memories, not just spreadsheets this year!
    Of course, planning a family vacation is an excellent way to achieve that quality time with loved ones. We can help with that (hint hint!)
    Enjoy your family more

  5. “Lose the guilt.”

    Are you guilty of feeling guilty? Now is the time to stop. The phrase you need to learn this year is “self-care.” Put yourself first, and then you will naturally have more time to care for those you love. We can help you with pampering, spas, beauticians and more- but even if you’re not on a luxury Swish vacation, just make time for yourself and enjoy it!
    Lose the guilt

  6. “Smile more.”

    What makes you smile? Is it the look on your pet’s furry little face when you arrive home? Is it the scent of fresh flowers or your favourite perfume? It could be strolling along the promenade in Marbella or dipping your toes in the water. Do things that make you smile, and do them more!
    Smile more

  7. “Say yes more!”

    What do we suggest saying yes to? New experiences, new activities and new ways to feel free and happy, of course! Try the special at the restaurant, try sitting in a different place in your favourite café and if someone invites you out, accept the offer, you never know where it might lead. Be bold this year, and it will pay off.
    Say yes more

  8. “Embrace random acts of kindness”

    This year, live more Swish by spreading joy. We suggest you look into random acts of kindness. It’s proven that giving to people makes you feel better. So, at least once a month, surprise someone with an unexpected gift or good deed. (And, if you want to be lavished with kindness stay in one of our villas!)
    Embrace random acts of kindness

  9. “Dance like no one is watching”

    Warning, may cause feel-good endorphins!
    Dancing like no one is watching is not just a cliché, it’s a state of mind- an attitude of feeling carefree and happy. And, if you need us to organise your perfect night out on the tiles, let us know; our concierge team will be only too glad to oblige.
    Dance like no one is watching

  10. “Spend more time in Marbella”

    Ok we couldn’t resist this one, but for the truly Swish life, Marbella has to play a part, with its 320 days of sunshine per year, its beaches, its blue skies and glamorous venues to hang out in. We love Marbella, and it makes us feel good. Try it this year; you might just get addicted!
    Spend more time in Marbella

We hope these New Year’s resolutions spoke to you, and more importantly, we hope that this is your most Swish year yet!

With love

The Swish team xx



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