11 Types of People to Avoid During the Holiday Season

11 types of people to avoid during the holiday season

The holidays can expose the least desirable traits in some people, especially if you are couped up with them in close quarters for too long! Do you agree?

At Swish we love the Christmas season but when the presents are all open, when the food is all consumed and when all the board games have been played, (twice) not to mention when the credit card bill arrives, the ‘mid festive season malaise can really bring out the worst in others- or even in yourself!

If another week or so of the festive season is now not such a wonderful prospect, we hear you… The holidays are meant to be a time of joy, celebration, and relaxation.  But, as we tuck into more rich and difficult-to-digest meals, spend even more time with our families and outside of our usual routines, the strain can start to show, but not just on our waistlines.

Here are 11 types of people you should avoid during this festive time and even more importantly, you should avoid turning into!

  1. The Overly-Critical Relative

    Everyone has that one family member who just can’t help but criticize and zone in on every detail about the holidays: from what you’re wearing to how much food is on the table. They may mean well, but their constant nit-picking can quickly ruin the mood for everyone around them. It’s best to simply ignore these comments and stay away from these relatives if possible.  And, if you think you might be one of them- it’s time to stop- yes we know you make a better souffle than cousin Sarah.

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  2. The Competitive Friend or Relative

    We all have a competitive streak, but it can come out in the worst way at Christmas. Let’s take a simple family board game for starters. Is there one person in your group who just has to win and be right? This tendency branches out into other areas too- the competitive person has to get praise for giving the best presents, their acting skills have to be the best if you play charades and woe betide anyone who gets a faster time than them at the annual boxing day family run, which is “just for fun,” naturally.

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  3. The Drama Queen

    We all know someone who loves to create drama out of nothing over the holidays. Whether it’s a heated argument over which movie to watch or a screaming match over who gets the last piece of Christmas cake, it’s best to steer clear of this type of person and enjoy your holidays peacefully!  If you are a drama queen, try the simple ‘count to ten’ trick before starting family arguments. Additionally a long walk by the beach or paseo maritimo might calm you down. Do it for the family!

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  4. The Scrooge

    There’s always that one person who hates everything about the holiday season and is constantly grumbling about how wasteful it is and how commercialized it has become. Though their cynicism might have some truth behind it, it’s unlikely to be appreciated by anyone looking forward to celebrating with friends and family.If you’re reading this and thinking ‘well so they should!’ then perhaps you are the scrooge.  Lighten up, it’s Christmas!

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  5. The Christmas Gossip

    From the work gossip at the office party (see our blog on what not to do on a company retreat in Marbella) to that relative who tells tales, here’s one to avoid. Yes, you did kind of enjoy the story about Mr and Mrs. Smith’s doctor’s cousin who ran off with her gym teacher, but did you realise that often things are exaggerated? Furthermore, you could be the subject of entertainment at all the other parties the gossip attends.

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    Never share secrets with a gossip and try not to be one. It’s not nice! 

  6. The Festive Party Pooper

    You know that one person who finds any excuse not to go out? “It’s too cold.” “It’s raining.” “I’m too tired” or in Marbella at Christmas, “It’s too sunny!” Yup, there is always one, the party pooper. Make sure you don’t make too many plans with someone like this, but even if you are stuck with one you can always organise an amazing venue to make it all better. Try Swish for inspiration on where to go in Marbella, as our concierge has the best connections!

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  7. The Social Media Addict

    For those glued to their phones 24/7, there’s no escape even during festive parties or meals. From taking selfies all night long or posting every single thing they eat on Instagram Stories, this type of person will keep checking their phone instead enjoying quality time with loved ones.

    Now if you’re in a Swish villa, then it will only make them take even more photos of the stunning views- but let’s be honest who could blame them?

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  8. The Christmas Obsessive

    There is always one, that person who starts planning Christmas in July and has all the party food ready in the freezer by September, who listens to Christmas songs for most of the year and who doesn’t just have one festive jumper, but a whole range of them- one for each day of December! While this person could be helpful to get you into the spirit, they could also become quite tiring.   Try to only meet them in small doses over December and new year as they could become draining!

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  9. The Stickler for Tradition

    This type of person does have a point. Christmas is about tradition and of course it’s not just about opening presents or drinking champagne. But, there can be traditionalists who take it too far. When you want to watch a movie as a family and curl up by the fire but you’re being dragged out to sing carols, or you’re discouraged from opening your presents until a set time because that’s your family “law” then you might be dealing with one.  Negotiation, it’s the name of the game here!

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  10. The Judgemental Fitness Freak

    If you’ve ever been unfortunate enough to encounter this type of person at Christmas you will know about it. Think of them as the secret diet and fitness police, adding up in their head the total damage of all the rich food you are consuming so they can feel super smug, and oh so annoyingly telling you ‘helpfully’ that actually sugar free mince pies taste better. This person is often seen at 7.35 am on Christmas morning, arriving back from a 10k run and even describing the cold morning air as ‘bracing.’

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    Terrifying! Best to steer clear. 

  11. The Annoyingly Lucky Person who Spends Christmas in Marbella

    Oh, it’s us, and possibly you if you’re reading this! Good for us, let’s go immediately and take lots of selfies next to palm trees for our friends at home. Or, perhaps we should just keep it to ourselves.

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So to wrap up, while some types of people are more annoying than others during the holidays, we must remember that nobody is perfect. So please eat, drink, be merry and above all #bekind.

With love,

The Swish team xx



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