Marbella Weather: All Year-Round

Marbella weather

Take a guess as to how many days of sunshine a year there are in Marbella. It’s 325! That’s right, Marbella is 90.2% sunny.

For some people this is reason enough to emigrate. (It certainly helps.) But despite knowing there is guaranteed sun most of the time, many holidaymakers are still left with burning questions like “Will I need a raincoat in March in Marbella?”

Swish give you the low down on exactly what The Costa Del Sol feels like at each point in the year. We hope to see you here soon.

January and February

Modest temperatures but you will still feel the sun on your face!

January and February are two of the coldest months in Marbella but you’ll have plenty of opportunity to sit in an outdoor café people watching or strolling along the beachfront. Many beach bars remain open for fish barbecue lunches but as evenings are a little colder, take a coat!

This is the time of year to explore The Costa Del Sol, take a hiking trip or visit the pretty white villages nearby.

Highs will reach around 18 degrees Celsius and trust us, your sunglasses are still very much needed.

Puerto Banus harbor - Marbella

March and April

This time of year can be hit and miss, so it’s best to come prepared for all eventualities.

March and April is when spring makes an appearance and you’ll be keen to test out your new sandals. It’s not quite time to be swimming outdoors but you’ll be spending plenty of sunny days outside, it’s also when the golf season kicks off.  Watch out for sporadic showers or super-hot days followed by slightly cloudier ones. There’s a saying in Spain that is always rains at Easter so bring your umbrella just in case, but don’t forget the suntan lotion either!

In April, the average high is around 21 degrees Celsius in Marbella.

Golden mile, Marbella

May and June

This is what we are talking about!

May and June is when it starts to get really warm and those long afternoons turn into balmy evenings. You’ll still need a light jacket by night, but The Costa Del Sol really comes into its own during this time. Pools and beach clubs tend to open and it’s all systems go for a long happy summer ahead but with milder and slightly kinder temperatures. This is arguably one of our favourite times to visit Marbella.

In June average highs are 28 degrees Celsius. Roll-on June we say, we love it!

Beach sunny weather in Marbella

July and August

Get ready for the heat!

This is the peak of the summer, the busiest and hottest time but one of the most exciting in the Marbella calendar, with the annual Starlite festival, plenty of beach clubs and bars opening up and copious amounts of fun to be had. Expect it to be hot. You’ll suddenly start thinking early mornings before 8 am are the best time for your daily jog and you will be feeling some relief in the evenings when the sun goes down. The Marbella sea breeze, however, means it’s never too uncomfortable.

Average temperatures reach their peak in August with highs of 31 degrees Celsius.

Beach sunny weather Marbella

Plus watch out! The UV index is also at its highest during these two months.

September and October

A wonderful time to visit for a best of both worlds feeling.

With the sea nicely warmed up after summer and crowds diminishing slightly you’ll love the early autumn beach strolls as well as the sunsets. Golf picks up its swing again and The Costa del Sol is extremely inviting. It’s still a little more comfortable to get out and about than the height of summer and yet you’ll still be able to rock that stylish Ibiza-esque kaftan.

Average temperatures in October are between 15 and 24 degrees Celsius.

Beach in Puerto Banus, Marbella

November and December

A little bit of vitamin D sprinkled over winter!

This is a lovely time to come to Marbella if you want to enjoy the outdoors without excessive heat and even have the hope of a sunny Christmas! Take a coat, jacket, light boots, jumpers and t shirts. Layers are needed to help you navigate the cold mornings and wondrously warm and sunny lunchtimes.

By December the average high drops to 17 degrees Celsius, but  you will still find yourself feeling that unmistakeable spring in your step that this marvellous climate gives.

Puerto Banus harbor entrance - Marbella Weather

Our forecast for the year ahead? Plenty of happy holidays, fantastic service and blue skies, 90.2% of the time.



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