The Swish Sustainability Promise

Green energy villas in Marbella - The Swish Sustainability Promise

Swish is fully committed to sustainability, aiming to be fully powered by green energy by 2023. We are currently working with owners to make this possible and we also encourage our suppliers, agents and guests to play their part.

Swish properties powered by green energy

100% Green energy
100% Green energy

Look out for the green energy symbol on our website, this shows that the villa or apartment uses fully sustainable energy derived from wind power. We’re excited to share that four of our exclusive properties are now either fully green or in the process of adopting green power. And, watch this space as more of our owners commit to the cause.

Green energy villas in Marbella

The Swish Sustainability Promise - Wind Turbine Farm
Wind Turbine Farm

You’ll find the green energy sign next to these villas. Rest assured they are powered by 100 percent sustainable power.

1. Villa Anamaya
2. Villa V
3. Villa La Luisa
4. Coming soon: Villa Aloha

Our Sustainability Promise

We don’t give up easily! As well as convincing more owners to switch to green energy, over the next two years we will endeavour to make further improvements in every area of our operation from cleaning to waste reduction.

We also ask our guests to play their part, observing simple habits like conservative use of power during their stay.

Pine forest around Marbella
We only have one world, let’s keep it this beautiful!



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