The New Family Holiday in Marbella: What You Need to Know

The New Family Holiday in Marbella: What You Need to Know

Ah, the joys of a family holiday!

Those idyllic days on the beach, and evenings gazing at sunsets telling family stories. But wait, what if your family is far from normal? At Swish, there is no normal, and we welcome all types of families with open arms.

Gone are the days when the quintessential family was a two-parent household with 2.4 children. Today, families come in all shapes and sizes, each with unique needs and preferences when it comes to planning a holiday.

At Swish Marbella, we understand the evolving nature of family dynamics and are here to cater to every type of family, ensuring a luxurious and memorable stay in Marbella, tailored to your needs.

Embracing Diverse Family Units

The concept of family has expanded significantly in recent times, reflecting changes in society and lifestyles, and we would be foolish to ignore that as a luxury holiday company. Each sub-type of family has specific requirements and it’s our role to ensure that every need is taken care of, after all that is part of the luxury experience.

From Single-parent families, blended families (which include children from previous relationships), same-sex parent families and multi-generational families, (where families travel with grandparents and sometimes even great-grandparents,) no family is the same these days!

Embracing Diverse Family Units

Luxury Accommodation for Every Family

At Swish Marbella, we offer a range of high-end apartments and villas that cater to different family set ups and needs. It’s the overall experience that counts of course We believe that it’s not just the accommodation that matters but the way you are treated before, during and after your stay. We take pride in our ability to relate to guests and help predict what their specific requirements will be. Albeit, those unpredictable requests!

Luxury Accommodation for Every Family

Where to Stay for Single-Parent Families in Marbella Looking for a Luxury Trip

For single parents traveling with their children who want a VIP experience, we recommend a small villa or luxury apartment with concierge service.  In. our case, we offer several apartments for short term rental at the prestigious Puente Romano Resort. These apartments provide a perfect balance of luxury and convenience, with the security of the hotel and the proximity to the beach being a wonderful plus-point. As part of the luxury experience, staying in the Puente Romano resort means you have access to all of its wonderful amenities, from the tennis club to the Six Senses Spa. So, when you are enjoying some down time with your little ones in childcare that we can help organise, we can also arrange for you to enjoy a pampering session.

We offer several apartments for short term rental at the prestigious Puente Romano Resort

Things to Do for One- Parent Families in Marbella

Don’t be put off by travelling alone with children. There is so much to do for one parent families in Marbella and plenty of support on offer form kids clubs to private nannies.

Marbella’s beaches are an ideal place for the family to unwind or why not try a trip to the Selwo Zoo?

Selwo aventura
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Multi-Generational Families: How to Find a Place to Stay in Marbella

For families that include multiple generations, our larger villas are the ideal choice. These spacious properties provide ample room for everyone to enjoy their stay comfortably and as they are all hand-picked, they all have tremendous gardens and pools.

Our collection of villas includes properties with multiple bedrooms, generous living areas, private pools, and gardens. These villas are designed to accommodate large family gatherings, offering both communal spaces and private retreats.

Villa Azur

Villa Azure, Nueva Andalucía, Marbella
Every generation can enjoy this pool at Villa Azure

Villa La Gratitud

This villa sleeps up to 22 and is a masterpiece so if you wish to travel with your extended family, Gratitud could be the one.

This villa sleeps up to 22 and is a masterpiece so if you wish to travel with your extended family, Gratitud could be the one.

Things to do for Multi- Generational Families in Marbella

We can help arrange activities and excursions that suit all generations, from cultural tours and cooking classes to golf outings and spa days. There really is so much to do in Marbella, catering to all tastes.

Golf Marbella

Additionally, you can simply enjoy the local attractions like a local: Go for a relaxed afternoon in Alameda Park, known for its beautiful fountains and shaded walkways, or have a family picnic on the beach.

Luxury Villas for Families with Staff in Marbella

At Swish, we are committed to making your family holiday in Marbella a memorable and luxurious experience even if you come with your own entourage or staff. Many of our villas actually have staff quarters such as Villa Calma which has a separate apartment, and some have two kitchens for your chef.

6 bedroom Villa Calma

Even in the more standard villas, you will find plenty of space to accommodate your family and staff.

‘Alternative’ Families in Marbella on Holiday

Marbella is a very welcoming and inclusive resort, where it is not uncommon to welcome same sex parents or even those families who are not related by blood and are in fact, just groups of friends who treat each other like family. (Don’t worry, your sister from another mister is welcome!)

Let’s not forget our furry friends too, some of our villas are pet friendly.

Villa LV One, Golden Mile, Accepts Pets.
Villa LV One, Golden Mile, Accepts Pets.

Can we tempt you to bring your family to Marbella? Start the planning process now by messaging one of our guest advisors.

With love

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