All You Need to Know About Luxury Rentals in Marbella: What Matters Most to Our Rental Clients in 2024?

All You Need to Know About Luxury Rentals in Marbella: What Matters Most to Our Rental Clients in 2024?

If you are considering renting out your luxury villa, you might think you know what the most sought-after features are: stunning sea views, proximity to the beach, and of course, the best amenities. While these are undeniably attractive, our experience with guests reveals there are also a few more needs that you may not have thought of.  What truly sells these properties to the renter? What are you missing when it comes to renting out your villa?

In 2024, the luxury traveller’s expectations have evolved, encompassing not only the obvious but also a blend of convenience, uniqueness, and a touch of the extraordinary. Here are some of the “deal closers’ that in our experience, guests ask for again and again:

1. Breath-taking Sea Views

It’s no surprise that a fabulous sea view tops the list. Luxury guests are captivated by the idea of waking up to the endless expanse of the Mediterranean. Properties that offer views of the water from their balconies or terraces are in high demand.

Villas with a sea view remain so highly sought after because it offers the ultimate escapism.

If you have a view, make the most of it and take professional photos which show it in its best light.

Breath-taking Sea Views

2. Proximity to the Beach

Let’s not lie, the idea of stepping from your villa straight onto golden sands is and always has been priceless. Guests cherish access to the beach, where spontaneous dips in the sea or leisurely sunset strolls become a part of their daily routine. Whether it’s for a morning swim, an afternoon of sunbathing, or an evening walk along the shore, being within walking distance of the beach adds a layer of freedom and relaxation to any stay.

Proximity to the Beach

3. Outdoors Blending with Indoors: Outdoor/ Indoor Living

The feeling of living the perfect lifestyle in Marbella extends beyond the villa’s interior. Guests seek charming outdoor spaces where they can fully enjoy the Mediterranean climate in privacy and comfort.

More than ever, the trend for outdoor and indoor living merging together is really sought after.   A sunny terrace becomes an invaluable extension of the villa’s living space—a perfect spot for al fresco dining, sunbathing, or enjoying a glass of wine under the stars.

Remember, guests want it all—sun and shade. Therefore, it’s crucial to have diverse seating areas designed to capture the morning and afternoon sun while also offering shaded retreats for the heat of the day. Terraces equipped with plush seating, lush greenery, and sometimes even a jacuzzi, will help to give your property rental appeal.

Outdoors Blending with Indoors

4. Security and Convenience with Smart Home Technology

For many discerning travellers, especially those arriving in their own vehicles or renting high-end cars, secure and convenient parking is a non-negotiable.

In 2024, peace of mind and modern convenience are paramount. Luxury properties are increasingly equipped with advanced security systems and smart home technologies. From secure entry systems and surveillance to smart appliances that cater to every comfort, these features are becoming standard in premium accommodation.  Make sure to consider this when planning your rental interior as it’s not all design over function, the two have to marry together.

Security and Convenience with Smart Home Technology

5. Proximity to Golf Courses in Marbella

Marbella is synonymous with world-class golf, and for many, being close to premier courses is a key consideration. Properties located near some of the most popular golf clubs offer guests the convenience of indulging in their passion without the need for lengthy travel, and it can be the difference between renting your property out in low season or not.

Having a villa that’s a stone’s throw away from these green golfer’s paradises is a significant draw for golf enthusiasts and can help you get more rental income during the golf season.

Proximity to Golf Courses in Marbella

6. A Pool that is Worthy of the Ultimate Escape

Remember: There are Private Pools and then there are private pools!

A private pool remains the epitome of luxury and exclusivity but it’s now so common place in villas of a high standard that you need to make sure your pool is extra special.

For guests, a pool is a personal retreat where they can unwind away from the public eye. The most enticing pools are a little different, for example infinity pools with breath-taking views, a secluded garden pool, or a rooftop tend to wow clients.

Having a private place to swim and relax is a must but also consider having your outdoor pool heated for the cooler months, this is often requested. It goes without saying that an indoor pool can also add rental value.

A Pool that is Worthy of the Ultimate Escape

7. Walking Distance to Premier Shops and Restaurants

The convenience of being within walking distance to high-end boutiques, gourmet restaurants, and vibrant nightlife is a significant selling point. Luxury guests appreciate the ability to explore and indulge in local shops and eateries without the need for transportation. In Marbella, staying near hotspots like Puerto Banús or the picturesque Old Town means that guests can enjoy shopping, fine dining, and lively entertainment just a short stroll away. Thus, prime locations enhance the luxury experience.

Walking Distance to Premier Shops and Restaurants

8. More Unusual Locations: Marbella and Beyond

While Marbella itself is a home of luxury with a number of prime areas, its surrounding communities also provide unique, exclusive experiences.  Sometimes we find our properties in the hillside areas draw the imagination for clients looking for rural charm and escapism.

More Unusual Locations: Marbella and Beyond

9. Commitment to Sustainability

In 2024, luxury travel and sustainability go hand in hand. Eco-conscious guests value properties that balance opulence with environmental responsibility. Villas that implement renewable energy solutions, offer zero-waste amenities, and prioritise locally sourced products are highly prized. In Marbella, sustainable practices such as solar-powered facilities and organic dining options contribute to preserving the region’s natural beauty. This commitment to sustainability ensures that luxury stays are not only indulgent but also considerate of their environmental footprint, appealing to the growing number of guests who seek to travel responsibly.

Commitment to Sustainability

Read more about our commitment to sustainability here.

10. Contemporary Decoration and Artistic Flair

Aesthetics play a significant role in the modern guest experience. In 2024, contemporary decor is highly favoured for its sleek lines, elegance, and functionality. However, it’s the unique artistic touches that truly set a property apart. Villas in our collection in Marbella often feature curated art pieces and bespoke furnishings that tell a story, adding depth and character to each room. These elements create a distinctive atmosphere, making each property not just a place to stay but a visual journey and a conversation starter, enhancing the overall appeal and memorability of the accommodation.

Contemporary Decoration and Artistic Flair

11. Workation-Friendly: High-Speed Internet and Functional Workspaces in your Villa

The rise of the ‘workation’—combining work and holiday—has redefined high-end travel. For guests who need to stay connected while enjoying their getaway, high-speed internet is a given. However, luxury properties now go a step further by offering dedicated, well-appointed workspaces. Whether it’s a stylish desk with ergonomic seating or a serene spot with inspiring views, having functional areas to work from is essential. In Marbella, many villas provide not only the necessary technical amenities but also environments that make working a pleasure rather than a chore, ensuring that guests can maintain productivity in an inspiring setting.

High-Speed Internet and Functional Workspaces in your Villa

12. Personalised Concierge Services

Personalised service is the hallmark of luxury. In 2024, a dedicated concierge who can cater to every request—from organising private yacht charters to securing exclusive dining reservations—is indispensable. Exceptional concierge services anticipate and fulfil every guest’s need with precision and grace. In Marbella, top properties offer concierge teams that curate bespoke experiences, ensuring that each guest enjoys a stay tailored to their preferences and desires. This level of personalised attention transforms an excellent stay into an unforgettable one.

Personalised Concierge Services

13. Thoughtful Touches

Your Goal is to Make Each Stay Unique

Beyond the amenities and beautiful design of every villa, it’s the thoughtful touches that make a villa feel like home. Guests appreciate the small details that reflect care and consideration—from welcome hampers filled with local delights to personalised recommendations for exploring the area. These bespoke elements ensure that each stay feels unique and memorable.

thoughtful touches

In Marbella, properties that go the extra mile to surprise and delight their guests create experiences that resonate long after the holiday ends, making them the top choice for travellers.

Understanding and catering to guests’ desires is key to attracting and satisfying luxury guests, helping ensure they return year after year and spread positive words about your property.

If you would like to rent out your home with us or need some advice, please do not hesitate to contact the Swish team.



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