The Surprising Reasons People Come on Holiday to Marbella: We Explore Emerging Trends from “Skip- Gen Travel” to Longevity Vacations

The Surprising Reasons People Come on Holiday to Marbella

As a luxury holiday rentals company, staying in touch with global and European travel patterns is imperative for us. Naturally, we diligently peruse industry reports and more importantly, we witness first-hand how holiday dynamics are shifting. And, wow, it’s fair to say that Marbella is undergoing a transformation!

Since the passing of the pandemic, the concept of distanced travel appears to have faded into obscurity. Instead, people are embracing holidays again, in any which way they like. It’s fair to say that the traditional 2.4 children family vacation no longer dominates the scene. We are seeing more groups, multi-generational families and alternative parties, but new trends are also emerging such as the “skip gen” trend where grandparents travel with their grandchildren, or “workcations” where the villa becomes the home office.

Conde Nast Traveller recently identified several trends as significant for 2024, but only some of them resonate with us, based on our experience in Marbella. We have noticed other trends too, that continue to grow in our industry.

Here are our 5 top trends in travel to Marbella for 2024:

1. Skip Gen Travel

Skip Gen Travel refers to the phenomenon where grandparents take trips with their grandchildren, bypassing the middle generation. In Marbella, we’re witnessing an increase in multigenerational travel dynamics, with grandparents opting to create lasting memories with their grandchildren in the city’s luxurious resorts and family-friendly attractions. The appeal lies in the diverse activities Marbella offers, catering to both older and younger generations, ensuring a memorable vacation experience for all.

The perfect “Skip Gen” pad- Villa LV One on The Golden Mile

8 Bedroom Villa in Los Verdiales, Golden Mile, Marbella

More info: Villa LVone

Perfect for a skip gen or multi gen holiday, this sleeps up to 16, with 9 bathrooms and 2 kitchens only a short walk (50 metres) from the water.

2. Longevity-focused Vacations:

In Marbella, we’re observing a growing trend of vacationers using their time away as an opportunity to prioritize their health and well-being. With an array of wellness retreats, spas, and fitness facilities available, Marbella serves as an ideal destination for individuals seeking to rejuvenate their mind, body, and spirit. Visitors are incorporating activities such as personalized health assessments, bio-marker checks, and vitamin therapies into their vacation itineraries, aligning with the trend of longevity-focused travel. What’s more, at Swish we can send therapists to your villa.

The secret of eternal youth? Villa Estrella?

Located in the altos de Puente Romano area, this villa will help you unwind as part of any wellness programme. Just taking in the sea views may be enough, but the property also has plenty to destress you too- from a private swimming pool, an outdoor BBQ area, and a relaxing jacuzzi. Being so close to the Puente Romano hotel, you can easily indulge in treatments at their Six Senses Spa too.

Villa Estrella, Altos Puente Romano, Marbella

More info: Villa Estrella

3. Shoulder season Travel:

Marbella is experiencing a surge in shoulder season travel, with visitors increasingly opting to explore the city during off-peak times. Traditionally considered a summer hotspot, Marbella now attracts tourists year-round, drawn by milder temperatures and fewer crowds during the shoulder seasons. See our blog about Marbella out of season, here.

This trend allows travellers to enjoy Marbella’s stunning beaches, vibrant nightlife, and cultural attractions with greater ease and tranquillity, making it an appealing option for those seeking a more relaxed and authentic experience.
A shoulder season favourite: Luxury Apartment in Nueva Andalucia

Luxury 3 bedroom apartment in Nueva Andalucía, Marbella, Spain

More info: Luxury 3-bedroom apartment in Nueva Andalucía

Where better to base yourself for a short trip to Marbella in the shoulder season, perhaps enjoying a spot of golf or sampling some of the restaurants in Nueva Andalucia?

4. Workcations:

The concept of workcations, blending work with leisure, is gaining popularity in Marbella. With an increasing number of remote workers seeking flexible environments, Marbella’s wonderful villas provide the perfect setting for productivity amidst breath-taking coastal views. Visitors are opting for relaxing stays, combining work commitments with leisure activities, allowing them to immerse themselves in Marbella’s vibrant culture while maintaining a professional workflow.

Could you Work from Home at Villa Shakira?

Villa Shakira, Sierra Blanca, Marbella

Here there is room for 12 guests, but that could also mean just you and your laptop if you want! Why not! With a pool like this, what could possibly distract you from your work?

More info: Villa Shakira

5. Extended stays:

Marbella is becoming a favoured destination for extended stays, with travellers seeking to immerse themselves in the city’s luxurious lifestyle for longer durations. Whether it’s indulging in the beach, savouring the culinary delights of local cuisine, or exploring the rich cultural heritage of the region, Marbella offers an array of experiences to captivate long-term visitors. With its favourable climate and diverse leisure options, Marbella provides an idyllic setting for extended stays, allowing travellers to truly unwind and embrace the essence of Mediterranean living. Also, when you see one of our villas, it can be hard to leave!

Could you leave this place? Villa Auriga

We get it, we would be tempted to stay on too, as that week develops into another week and more…

Villa Auriga, Golf Valley, Marbella

More info: Villa Auriga

We hope you found this blog useful. And, whatever “trend” you succumb to this summer, make sure you book an incredible stay in Marbella.

With love,
The Swish team xx



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