Travel Trends for 2022: Longer Stays, Digital Nomads and Relocations

Travel Trends for 2022 Longer Stays Digital Nomads and Relocations

When the CEO of arguably the most disruptive travel company of the past 30 years tweets about travel trends, the world listens. Sharing interesting data that travellers are now staying longer, Brian Chesky, CEO of Airbnb has pinpointed a growing trend. Since the pandemic, more people are location independent when it comes to work and are certainly taking advantage of it to travel.

What’s Happening in Travel in 2022, According to Brian Chesky

In 2022, I think the biggest trend in travel will be people spreading out to thousands of towns and cities, staying for weeks, months, or even entire seasons at a time”.
Chesky Tweeted recently.

Such is his conviction in the new travel trend, he’s put himself out there. He’s “Living on Airbnb” for the time being to understand the experience first-hand. Chesky also noted that cities and towns now have to be more competitive to attract the new flexible traveller.

How Does Marbella Cater to Location Independent Entrepreneurs and Employees?

Resorts such as Marbella traditionally have their peak tourist season in July and August but that is slowly evolving. As more people are staying longer and not just for the summer, the market is changing. Marbella has a great deal to offer the digital nomad or budding entrepreneur.  The city is well-connected with a growing business scene of its own, and plenty to do outside of work from golf to paddle tennis. See, The Best Golf Courses of Marbella if you don’t believe us!

Attitudes to travel and work are changing and at Swish, we are all for it.  More of our own clients are looking for accommodation that still lets them work when needed. We currently have a number of medium-term rentals booked by location independent tech entrepreneurs.

What’s more, some of our homeowners now even prioritise desks and offices over extra bedrooms.

As Chesky puts it, the “decentralization of living” is now here.  Are you ready?

Marbella Medium Term Stays for Digital Nomads

Looking for a stay in the sun where you can take your virtual office with you?
Check out some of our Swish residences that could be your new temporary home from home.

Villa La Luisa 

Looks like an innocent holiday villa from the outside but rest assured this is designed to help you work and play.  Waking up to your coffee on the terrace could be really something to get you going, when faced with views of the Mediterranean, literally on your doorstop.  Inside you’ll find plenty of space to crack open your laptop whilst listening to the gentle sounds of the sea.

Travel Trends for 2022: Longer Stays, Digital Nomads and Relocations
Travel Trends for 2022

When you’ve hit your targets, you’ll be in the heart of Marbella’s luxury party playground, with all the bars and restaurants of The Golden Mile to enjoy.

Villa Aloha 

An impressive contemporary villa set on the Aloha golf course. Here you can really escape, and you’ll be in the perfect position for a round of golf between meetings. The villa has a desk and everything you’ll need to keep connected. It has a pretty inviting pool too. Now don’t go getting side tracked!!

Villa in Nueva Andalucia Marbella - Travel trends for 2022

Villa LV one 

An impressive, other worldly villa with plenty of space, sleeping up to 16. Bring the team? You could certainly host memorable meetings here from the poolside and it’s one venue no-one is likely to forget. As you might expect, the villa is spectacularly decorated with ample room to sit and discuss those new business plans before you take a stroll by the beach, which is just 50m away.

Travel Trends for 2022 Longer Stays Digital Nomads and Relocations
Travel Trends for 2022

Villa Gratitude 

This is the place if you really want to push the boat out with family or groups. The villa has it all and sleeps up to 24 guests. Please don’t worry, you will still be able to find quiet areas to work while the others enjoy themselves in the basement entertainment area or the pool.

Travel Trends for 2022 Longer Stays Digital Nomads and Relocations
Travel Trends for 2022

The Swish team is on hand 24/7 for any questions or enquiries, we can’t wait to help you find your next rental for the short, medium or long term. You’ll be working from paradise in no time.



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