Winter in Marbella: A Softer Way to Experience the Cold Season

Winter in Marbella

Tired of long, dark winters and the constant battle with snow and ice?  Or maybe you’re just seeking a change.  Well, we have some good news for you. In the charming resort of Marbella, winter takes on a whole new meaning. It’s like winter, but for many (especially those from the north of Europe) it’s softer, sunnier, and with a sprinkle of that signature Spanish flair.

You see, Marbella enjoys a secret weapon that few other places can boast: it’s the sunniest place in Europe. With over 320 days of sunshine a year, Marbella provides a perfect escape from the winter woes that plague most of the continent.

What is Winter Like in Marbella?

Now, when we say it’s winter, we mean it’s winter in the most laid-back and sun-soaked way possible. In the slick villas and apartments in and around Marbella, you’ll still need a heater in the cooler months, but you won’t be facing the bone-chilling cold that makes you want to hibernate until spring.

Golf side villa in Finca Cortesin, Marbella

Comparing the Winter in Marbella to that of Northern Europe

Happy Motoring in a Mild Winter Climate

Remember the early morning ritual of scraping ice off your car? Forget about it! In Marbella, you can simply step into your car and drive off without that hassle. No snowflakes to shake off, no slippery roads to navigate. It’s winter without the winter annoyances. Whereas, if you come from a colder part of Europe, you may even need chains for the car and have to deal with icy roads.

A Beach you can Still Enjoy

Imagine taking leisurely beach walks without getting blasted by the harsh wind and rain! Yes, you heard that right. In Marbella, the beaches are a year-round destination. The golden sands and the soothing sound of the waves offer the perfect backdrop for those winter strolls. You may even want to kick off your shoes and dip your toes in the Mediterranean. It might sound a little crazy, but some brave souls even take a Christmas Day swim in Marbella.

By contrast, many of the beaches in northern Europe offer only the chance of a bracing walk in the winter-time, and by bracing we mean that windburn is even possible!

Swimming in Winter in Marbella - Photo by Milan Trninic

Swimming in Winter in Marbella

Speaking of swimming, Marbella’s sea temperature remains surprisingly mild in the winter, especially for those accustomed to colder climes. A Christmas Day swim might not be on everyone’s bucket list, but it’s certainly an option for the daring. Imagine the looks on your friends’ faces when you tell them you went for a swim in the sea while they were at home next to the fire. Can you do this in other parts of Europe? Yes we suppose you can, but it is easier in Marbella!

Cosy Treats Without the Extreme Temperatures

One of the nicer things about a cold winter is the romantic idea of sitting by a fireplace, drinking hot chocolate and toasting marshmallows. Perhaps the sheer harshness of the cold is all worth it for that cosy fireside evening, or a lovely glass of red wine and a hearty dinner? Well, in Marbella, you can have all the cosy treats without having to suffer as much on the street! Many of our villas have stunning fireplaces or hot tubs, an ideal way to capture that winter feeling even in The Mediterranean.

A warm, open air hot tub is ideal for a crisp and sunny winter day in Marbella. Pictured: the stunning hot tub at Villa Estrella.
A warm, open air hot tub is ideal for a crisp and sunny winter day in Marbella. Pictured: the stunning hot tub at Villa Estrella.

You can Still Have Good Hair and Dress to Impress

Hairdressers are plentiful in the city of Marbella, as they are in many parts of Europe. But, let’s talk about the weather again.  If you step out of the salon and immediately you’re hit with torrential rain and epic winds, that lovely style won’t last long. With the many clear and crisp days that Marbella can offer, even in winter, your hair woes could be forgotten. What’s more, you can glam up in Marbella very easily. It’s still very viable to wear stylish winter clothing where you don’t need a plastic mac, an anorak, or a woolly hat. Can you say that about everywhere in Europe?

The Outdoors Lifestyle Lasts All Year

Another good reason to visit Marbella in winter is for the outdoors lifestyle. Winter is a perfect time to make the hike up La Concha, or go on a ramble. And, while hiking and outdoor pursuits are possible in other parts of Europe too, we know which type of climate we prefer for being at one with nature…

Hiking enthusiasts: Don’t forget to read our guide to climbing la Concha, here.

La Concha Mountain - Photo by Milan Trninic:

Let’s also remember that Marbella is a golfer’s paradise and winter months here make for some smashing times on the golf courses.

What about Christmas in Marbella?

A large part of winter is evidently, Christmas. Santa Claus still visits children here too, (as long as they are good!) And, there is a real Christmas spirit in Marbella, even though it can often be warm enough to eat your dinner outside. Read more about Christmas and New Year in Marbella, here.

Santa Claus is vacation

So, in Marbella, winter is a softer, sunnier, and altogether more pleasant affair. It’s a time when you can relax, bask in the sun, and forget about the winter blues. While many parts of Europe are grappling with snow and ice, you’ll be enjoying the best of both worlds – a touch of winter in paradise. But, if you’re still craving a snowy escape, fear not. A quick drive to the Sierra Nevada mountains will give you all the snow you desire, and Swish Marbella have properties in Sierra Nevada too, so what’s not to like?

With love,

Your winter survival team in Marbella.




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