14 Questions to Ask your Agent Before Booking a Luxury Villa Rental in Marbella

14 Questions to Ask your Agent Before Booking a Luxury Villa Rental in Marbella

Renting a luxury villa in Marbella promises a world of opulence and sun-kissed indulgence. Yet, amidst the glossy brochures and enticing descriptions, how can you be certain that the villa you’re dreaming of matches up in reality? In a resort where every property boasts the label ‘luxury,’ how do you discern between the lavish and the truly exceptional?

Here are some important questions to ask your agent before you book a luxury villa stay in Marbella.

1. Have You Personally Seen the Property?

Inspecting the property first-hand ensures it meets stringent quality standards. We meticulously vet our listings, ensuring only the finest properties make the cut.

Have You Personally Seen the Property

2. What Type of Guests Does This Villa Suit?

Understanding the villa’s typical guests provides insights into its ambience and suitability for your group. Make sure to take the agent’s advice here on suitability.

what type of guests does this villa suit 2

3. How Comfortable is the Property for Relaxation?

Beyond aesthetics, inquire about the villa’s practical comfort. An agent aware of guests’ feedback can address any design or comfort-related concerns and be honest and upfront with you. If what matters most to you is pampering yourself, but the villa you have chosen is more for show than comfort, then you won’t feel as relaxed.

How Comfortable is the Property for Relaxation

4. What is There to Do Nearby?

A knowledgeable agent should guide you, and be able to tell you which sub-area of Marbella the property is located in, and what this means: How far is the beach? The port etc?

What is There to Do Nearby

5. What’s the Environmental Impact?

Be sure to ask about the villa’s eco-friendly initiatives, as well as the policies in place from the agent. Sustainability should be at the forefront of your luxury experience. At Swish, we have a commitment to sustainability and encourage our owners to do the same.

What’s the Environmental Impact

6. What Are My Obligations as a Guest?

Understanding your responsibilities, if any, in the property, ensures a smooth stay. Transparent communication guarantees a stress-free experience in a well-maintained property.  In general, you will be expected to treat the villa as if it were your own, but ask if there are any other specific things you need to do there.

what are my obligations as a guest

7. Why is There No Photo of the Pool?

Details matter. Missing photos of key features, like the pool, demand explanation. A transparent approach is vital; the absence of certain visuals should prompt questions.

Not all pools are alike.

Here’s a Swish pool: at LV ONE, Marbella.

Swish pool: at LV ONE, Marbella

8. What Is Next Door to the Villa?

An agent’s awareness of neighbouring properties ensures there are no unwelcome surprises, safeguarding your privacy and peace of mind.

What Is Next Door to the Villa

9. Are Wellness Amenities Provided?

Wellness amenities, from hot tubs to tailored yoga spaces, elevate your experience. Ask detailed questions to ensure your rejuvenation is a priority. You should even ask about the extra details like the type if linen provided too, after all, it’s your hard-earned holiday!

What Type of Guests Does This Villa Suit

10. Is There a 24/7 Personal Concierge?

Round-the-clock support ensures seamless experiences. Clarify if a concierge service is included and if not, what is?

Is There a 24/7 Personal Concierge

11. How Suitable is the Villa for My Group?

Honesty is key. Be forthright about your group’s needs. Whether it’s vibrant nightlife or accessibility concerns, an understanding agent can suggest the right villa to make your experience perfect.

How Suitable is the Villa for My Group

12. What Type of Coffee is Provided?

Clarity ensures satisfaction, and while it may sound picky, if you do have a  specific request, then you should ask,  even down to your preferred coffee type. At Swish, your preferences are our priority.

What Type of Coffee is Provided

13. Can I Hold an Event at the Villa?

Hosting an event? Explore options with your agent, understanding limitations and possibilities. A well-organized gathering can be the pinnacle of your stay.

Can I Hold an Event at the Villa

14. Can I Read Previous Guests’ Reviews?

Ask to see other guests’ insights for an authentic perspective. Online reviews offer invaluable glimpses into the real experiences of fellow travellers.


At Swish, we like to offer candid advice so our guests can make the right choice. While terms like cancellation policies and house rules are crucial, there’s a wealth of knowledge beyond the fine print, and asking the right questions can be so telling.

So, trust your instincts, clarify what you need to, and go find that Marbella dream villa experience with confidence!

With love,

The Swish team xx



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