A Family-Friendly Christmas in Marbella: Tips for Travelling with Kids

A family-friendly Christmas in Marbella: tips for travelling with kids

Have you heard the old adage, “Plan for the worst but expect the best”? This is how we see the task of travelling with children (older or younger ones) on a family holiday to Marbella. Overall, this voyage will be an enriching and somewhat educational experience: Think of how proud you will feel when your children learn their first words of Spanish, fly for the first time or spend bonding, quality time with their siblings, ‘playing nicely’ together. But, you must also think of the potential pitfalls- If you don’t plan ahead and consider issues like rush hours, children’s eating times and routines, or how you will make sure everyone arrives happy, it could become a more stressful experience.

Travelling with kids requires extra planning to ensure a calm and enjoyable experience for everyone. In this blog, we have put together some essential tips for a family-friendly holiday in Marbella, which starts with the journey here.

Packing for your Trip to Marbella at Christmas: Don’t Spoil the Surprise!

The magic of Christmas often involves surprises and anticipation, and arriving with gifts for the big day can be challenging, especially when little eyes are curious. To keep the excitement intact, consider packing gifts inside bundles of clothing and stashing them in the deepest corners of your luggage. Another option is to coordinate with us at Swish Marbella, as we can discreetly organise gift packages on request, ensuring a festive surprise.

Packing for your Trip to Marbella at Christmas: Don't Spoil the Surprise

Regarding packing, it is wise to consider the types of clothing you need. Marbella’s weather during the holiday season is typically mild, with daytime temperatures allowing for outdoor activities. However, evenings can be cooler. Pack light layers and comfortable clothing, and remember your Christmas jumper to get into the festive spirit. Don’t forget sunglasses and sunscreen, as the sunny days can be unexpectedly warm.

Entertainment for the Journey to Marbella

Whether travelling by plane or car, keeping the little ones entertained is crucial for a stress-free journey. Pack a travel-friendly entertainment kit with colouring books, small toys, and electronic devices loaded with their favourite shows or games. Consider downloading a mix of holiday-themed movies to get the whole family into the Christmas spirit during the trip.

A well-stocked snack bag is a parent’s secret weapon for a happy journey. Pack healthy snacks like cut-up fruits, trail mix, and granola bars to keep hunger at bay. Having readily available nutritious options will satisfy hungry tummies and save you from relying on less healthy alternatives during the journey.

Entertainment for the Journey to Marbella

Planning Ahead for Your Children’s Specialist Requirements En Route to Marbella

It has to be said that Malaga airport is well equipped for families, with baby changing facilities and breastfeeding areas. If you are flying by regular or private airline, you should be well looked after when it comes to heating up baby food and obtaining extra blankets or things to occupy your children on the flight. But it’s still worth thinking ahead if your children have specialist dietary requirements or if you are travelling at inconvenient times- try to plan your trip with sensible take-off and landing times so as not to interrupt their sleep patterns. (And yours!)

Planning Ahead for Your Children's Specialist Requirements En Route to Marbella

Planning your Trip to your Villa Rental in Marbella around Peak Times

Marbella can get quite popular during the holiday season, so planning ahead is critical, especially when travelling during peak times. Reach out to Swish Marbella for assistance in securing transport from the airport or for advice on how to arrive. As a general rule, remember that on the busiest holidays, you will see more traffic: take extra care and allow spare time.

Planning your Trip to your Villa Rental in Marbella around Peak Times

Bringing Your Own Personal Concept of Christmas to Your Rental Villa in Marbella

Swish Marbella understands the unique needs of families travelling with children and making Christmas special. We are sensitive to cultural differences, and we know that not every family celebrates Christmas, but for those who do, it’s a personal choice whether you need a tree or whether you will find “Elf on the Shelf” popping up on December mornings inside your luxury villa. We can also help you plan your Christmas or festive meals- for instance, by organising a private chef or by assisting you with reservations at the best restaurants in Marbella.

Bringing Your Own Personal Concept of Christmas to Your Rental Villa in Marbella

Decorating for Christmas in a rental villa can be tricky, as it’s not your own property; there are limitations on what can be done, but nevertheless, if you wish to decorate, we can assist you with purchasing the best little touches to make your villa feel more festive. Don’t forget, however, that you have Christmas all around you, with the famous Malaga lights only 40 minutes away in Malaga city centre and various decorated streets in Marbella itself with pretty lights, you can still feel festive even in the most minimalistic, Scandinavian style villa!

Keeping Children Happy in a Rental Villa in Marbella at Christmas

With indoor pools, saunas and spas, game rooms and extensive grounds that some of our villas have, it is easy to keep children happy! But remember, we can also help once you have booked your property, by discussing any additional requirements you need before you arrive. We are happy to go shopping for you, so you are well stocked on arrival, and we offer a selection of charming gifts from Le Petit Prince range, which include the likes of colouring books to keep your children entertained.

Keeping Children Happy in a Rental Villa in Marbella at Christmas

Finding ‘Me Time” when you are on a Swish Holiday with Kids in Marbella at Christmas

The prospect of finding ” me time” while in Marbella is a good discussion, so we wrote another article on this point with plenty of ideas. In general, if you are travelling here for Christmas as a small family unit, you may be missing out on third-generational support, I.e., grandparents who can help look after the children. We offer nanny services and babysitting to help ease the load on you so you can all have a relaxing Christmas.

Do you feel inspired to pack up and take your Christmas stockings to Marbella this year? The prospect of a pristine sea and mountain view, a relaxed and happy family and plenty of good cheer may just tempt you,

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