Are you a snob?

Are you a snob?

What is a snob? A snob is a person who believes that their tastes in a particular area are superior to those of other people. There are clear distinctions in taste when it comes to travel. From budget to location and holiday activities, travelling lends itself to social comparison and that’s not always a bad thing! The word snob might be filled with pejorative connotations… But let’s face it: there is nothing wrong with having high standards and being aware of them.

The Swish snobbery

Before a property can qualify for the Swish rental platform it has to meet our rigorous criteria. So, how do we select them? The process is not always easy to explain. Sometimes – very often – it is a gut feeling that dictates. A “crush” we feel when entering a villa, or as the French say, “un coup de coeur”.

All our properties must have what we call the “Swish factor.” Only the most luxurious and well-presented places make the grade, but most importantly, they must be “beautiful on the inside”, charming, complex, mysterious and audacious. Does that make us snobbish? You decide.

But what is snobbery in travel?

Snobbery in travel is a very vague concept. Selecting a travel destination based on your own sense of good taste is essential for you to enjoy your vacation just how you like it.

Travel snobs broadly fall into three groups: Those who use authenticity, status of location or luxury as a means of setting themselves apart from others.

The authentic travel snob

Do you pursue “authentic travels” and believe that your long, solo journeys are more meaningful than a family summer vacation? If you can’t stand a selfie, boycott restaurants that are “too touristy”, and know all the hidden gems of a place, you are showing signs of being a travel snob. A further giveaway is a kind of inverted snobbism; “roughing it” on purpose to look as native as possible, eating street food over more sanitized hotel food, and wearing a back pack as a badge of honor.

The location driven travel snob

For those whose social profiles dictate their self-worth, being seen at the top resorts, locations and monuments is reason enough to travel. These status driven travel snobs are tagged in all the right places, (and we don’t mean luggage tags.) Forget passport stamps, the new markers of status travel are social media posts.

The luxury travel snob

Perfectionists or “discerning travelers” would never stay anywhere less than a 6 star, or God forbid, travel economy with luggage that doesn’t match. These people have high standards in all areas from where to go to what to eat. Brunch is served with a Bellini, an evening tipple is an “Old Fashioned”, and this type of traveler may be particularly fond of truffle eggs with caviar, served with organic sourdough bread, of couse.

At Swish, we also like the good things in life and naturally, we are all for properties having stunning “wow” features, infinity pools or curb appeal. But, the distinction here is whether your choices are used to position yourself above “the riff raff”: If you are judging others on their type of trip or conspicuously bragging about yours, chances are you’re a travel snob.

So, are you a snob?

Here’s a little secret, there is a small part of snob in all of us, but that’s called keeping your (heels and your) standards high. Swish only deals with the most exclusive villas and apartments in and around Marbella. So, whether you are travelling to escape the daily grind, broaden the mind, or gain material to boast about at your next dinner party, we are here to fully support you!

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