Before you book your next ‘luxury’ Villa in Marbella, Read this!

before you book your next luxury villa in marbella read this

Avoiding Common Pitfalls with your next Luxury Rental in Marbella

The internet is full of holiday property listings, especially in sought-after resorts such as Marbella, all of which purport to be “luxurious” or of a “high standard”.   Without an official rating system for private properties (such as the internationally recognised hotel star system, ) it can be all too easy to choose the wrong place to stay.

‘Luxury’ is an overused word that has now become so ubiquitous it is losing its meaning. So, how do you find one that is right for you in a world of attractive-looking villa rentals with glossy images? Here we explore both the tangible and the less tangible aspects you should be looking for in a luxury villa in Marbella.

Read on for our insider tips to help you choose the perfect luxury villa rental in Marbella:

  1. Location
  2. Amenities
  3. Size
  4. View
  5. Privacy
  6. Services
  7. The Rules 
  8. Family-friendly 

Location, Location, Location

The location is the first thing to consider when choosing a luxury villa rental.

Look for a villa located in a convenient, accessible area that offers the amenities you need. Study the villa’s position relative to the beach or attractions. Beware that desirable areas in Marbella, such as “The Golden Mile”, can have less attractive regions too, so even if you are looking for a particular area, you still need to be confident it’s in a good part of the district advertised.

villa location

At Swish, we only work with properties in prime locations that offer guests the best chance of a relaxing holiday. We visit all of our properties before accepting them onto our platform so we can tell you exactly where they are located.


When it comes to luxury villa rentals, amenities are key. Look for a villa that offers high-end amenities such as a private pool, outdoor living areas, fully equipped kitchens, and luxury bedding. Consider your needs and preferences and choose a villa with the necessary amenities.


Beware that a pool is common-place in Marbella, so just because a property comes with a private pool doesn’t mean it’s a luxury villa. Ask to see photos of the pool and check it will be one you can swim in when you visit. Some properties offer pool heating out of season, for example. Our advice: ask as many questions as possible before you book.

Size Matters

Consider the size of the villa when choosing a luxury villa rental. Make sure the villa can comfortably accommodate your group and has enough space for everyone to spread out and relax. Beware of the classic photo trick- sometimes rooms and gardens can look bigger than they really are, the only way to know the size for sure is to understand the square metre size.

Size Matters - villa size top view

A View to Remember

A scenic view of the surroundings can add to the luxury experience, so look for a villa with a beautiful view. There are plenty of properties in Marbella with tremendous vistas, but not all are as good as each other. Check the ‘sea view’ small print: Sea view is only a good thing if it’s a view you want- look at photos of the view; if the sea is just a tiny 1% of the panorama, then you might feel cheated!

villa with sea view sierra blanca

How to Ensure Privacy in Marbella

Privacy is key When it comes to luxury villa rentals; after all, part of the reason for choosing a home-from-home is the sense of seclusion it offers. Marbella has many out-of-the-way mansions, but privacy can still be achieved even in more densely populated areas. Choose a free-standing property with its grounds and ask about security features before you book.

How to Ensure Privacy in Marbella

Even on Marbella’s Golden Mile, for instance, there are sheltered streets such as Santa Margarita and the Los Verdiales enclave where you will feel a heightened sense of privacy yet remain close to the beach and the action.

Services to Make your Rental Special

Consider the services offered when choosing a luxury villa rental. Look for a villa that offers concierge service, daily housekeeping and in-villa dining to make your stay as relaxed and stress-free as possible. Swish offers a 24/7 concierge and can organise anything you need.

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The Rules

Renting someone else’s home usually comes with a set of rules. Are you ready to abide by them? Typically you will be asked for a security deposit which is in jeopardy if you treat the property with a lack of respect. Rules are there to protect the owner and tend to be common sense but do check them before you book. What time is check in and check out? Are you allowed guests? Is smoking allowed?

When in doubt, speak to the letting agent or owner before you sign on the dotted line.

check in

Will All the Family be Welcome?

Make sure the villa will be suitable for all your crew: Check if it’s child friendly, and if you plan on bringing pets, make sure they are allowed before you book. Yes, Swish villas are child-friendly, and we even offer little ones gifts from the Petit Prince range! Several of our villas are pet-friendly, too; look for the paws symbol on our website.

Will All the Family be Welcome

Looking for a luxury villa in Marbella? Start on our website where you will find our latest range of villas in Marbella here, or message the friendly team who will be only too happy to help.



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