Luxury Accommodation for Wedding Guests in Marbella

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Are you planning a wedding in Marbella? It can be stressful but don’t worry, as at Swish, we are here to sprinkle the sunshine (and confetti) over your big day.

It’s that time of year again; wedding season is about to hit us on The Costa Del Sol. We can’t wait, as, after all, Marbella is a highly romantic venue and ideal for a destination wedding. In our experience, one aspect of planning nuptials abroad often gets tricky- accommodation for your guests.

At Swish Marbella, we offer luxury villas where large groups can stay, often at a more economical rate than a hotel. We also have apartments inside Marbella’s most iconic hotel. Your guests will want for nothing, and trust us; happy guests will make your life easier when you are preparing to tie the knot abroad!

Give your Marbella Wedding Guests an Unforgettable Experience

Our villas in the most sought-after areas of Marbella offer spacious rooms, fully-equipped kitchens and stunning views for your wedding guests. We provide everything you need to ensure your family and closest friends are taken care of, from a friendly meet and greet with welcome gifts to our finishing touches inside the property, like organic Balmain toiletries and our on-demand concierge.

Swish slippers and robes. Your wedding guests will be spoilt!
Swish slippers and robes. Your wedding guests will be spoilt!

Luxury Villas for the Perfect Wedding Getaway

Whilst we also offer weddings in some of our fabulous villas, they lend themselves well as a base for your inner circle of friends and extended family. Whether you have your ceremony in a church, on the beach or a vineyard in the hills, guests benefit from a stay in the prime areas of Marbella, enjoying all it has to offer before and after your big day.

Here are five stunning villas suitable for your wedding party in Marbella. But don’t be jealous; we can also offer superb accommodation for the bride and groom, you only have to ask!

Unforgettable Marbella Weddings, Swish Style

At Swish we want you to experience the best of Marbella. For brides and grooms, we can help by working with your wedding planner and our concierge services to ensure everything comes together smoothly. There is always, however an element of planning involved. Should you be interested in a destination wedding in Marbella, read our guide here to all aspects of planning your event.

Links of interest for Planning your Wedding in Marbella:

We look forward to helping you enjoy all that Marbella has to offer. Message us for information about our luxury rentals in Marbella’s finest areas.

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