Costa del Christmas: 12 Reasons Why the Costa Del Sol should be Top of your Christmas List this Year

Costa del Christmas: 12 Reasons Why the Costa Del Sol should be Top of your Christmas List this Year

Are you looking for a sunny escape this Christmas? Then The Costa del Sol could be the answer. This stunning stretch of coastline in the south of Spain is a wonderful place to enjoy both winter sun and festive cheer.  Of course, we may be a little biased. Marbella is situated within the sunshine coast and so is Swish. What more is there to say?!

Here are just some of the many reasons why you should consider spending your Christmas on the Costa del Sol this year…

Reason #1: The Weather is Perfect

One of the best things about spending Christmas on the Costa del Sol is the weather. While it may be cold and snowy back home, you can enjoy sunny skies and mild temperatures on the coast. The average temperature in December is a balmy 17 degrees Celsius, so you can forget about bundling-up in layers of clothes and instead enjoy spending time outdoors.

The Weather is Perfect

Reason #2: There’s Plenty to See and Do

The Costa del Sol is not just a place for lying on the beach; there’s so much to see and do here too. From world-class golf courses to historic monuments like the Sohail castle in Fuengirola. And if you’re looking for some traditional Spanish Christmas festivities, then you’ll be spoilt for choice with all of the nativity scenes, carol concerts and firework displays that take place across the region.

costa del sol

Reason #3: It’s Easy to Get To

Another great reason to spend your Christmas here is that it’s easy to get here from most major airports in Europe. Whether you fly into Malaga Airport or one of the smaller airports along the coast, you’ll find that there are plenty of direct flights available from all over Europe.

It’s Easy to Get To Malaga

Santa still flies here too on Christmas eve so if you have little ones, there is no need to worry about receiving presents!

Reason #4: It Lasts Longer

The Christmas period runs right until the 6th of January in Spain. This means more time to relax with your loved ones and more time to enjoy.

It Lasts Longer

Reason #5: Marbella is in The Costa del Sol of Course!

We do rave about this precious city a little and we recognise that, but with good reason! Marbella at Christmas offers that perfect balance with its own micro-climate and a high chance of sun, lovely beach walks, stunning views and sunsets.

Marbella is in The Costa del Sol of Course

If you want to visit Marbella during your trip, here are ten ways to get into the festive spirit in Marbella.

Reason #6 The Parades

Spain is known for its fiestas and the Costa del Sol is no exception. Every year, without fail there is a procession on 5th January where the three kings are transported on floats through the streets and give sweets to children. This is a beautiful culmination of the whole festive season for many, and a fantastic experience to enjoy whether you have children or not. Each town has its own procession or “cabalgata de reyes.” Ask at your local tourist office for routes and times, or ask Swish!

epiphany day kings figurines with crowns

Reason #7 The Malaga Lights

This year the big light switch-on in Malaga takes place on Saturday 26th November. There’s also an LED light display at the botanical gardens of Malaga this year.

christmas ornaments calle larios

The Malaga Christmas Lights event brings people to the street to watch as the lights flash with a sound show and it’s quite spectacular. Follow up the performance with an evening of shopping and tapas.

Reason #8 Nativity Scenes

Nativity scenes, known as ‘belenes” are a fundamental part of the Spanish Christmas tradition, with individual towns and areas having contests for the best and most original scene. One famous one is in Fuengirola where nativity scenes have gained fame for being made of Playmobil figures or other non- traditional objects, expressing the town’s creativity.

Nativity Scenes

Malaga has its own famous nativity scenes too, for the full list, head to the tourist office but one to definitely not miss is the display in the cathedral.

Reason #9 Shopping

Shopping on the Costa del Sol offers a fantastic selection from high street chains, department stores and designer boutiques in Puerto Banus. Opening times are generous with many stores open late in the evenings.


Spain now adopts US retail customs like ‘Black Friday’ and ‘Cyber Week’ offers, and there are some hearty discounts to take advantage of. Head to one of the retail parks like La Cañada in Marbella or Miramar in Fuengirola for covered shopping under one roof, or  another excellent idea; The McArthur Glen Designer Outlet Centre in Malaga.

If you need more inspiration, read our guide to shopping in Marbella here.

Reason #10 Christmas Markets

Christmas markets also come to Spain, and why not? With the warm days and low risk of rain, strolling around a market is ideal in December here. Malaga has an open-air market daily at Muelle Uno, but there is a festive market on Paseo del Parque every year from early December to 6th January which is the biggest Christmas Market in Malaga. Not only can you find interesting crafts here, but you can sample traditional holiday foods, sweets and drink too.

Christmas Market in Malaga

There are also a number of smaller festive markets which pop-up around the coast, for example there is a small Christmas market in Puerto Banus with pretty stalls during December.

Reason #11 The Food

Christmas would not be Christmas without good food. All along the coast there are many restaurants and towns with specific gastronomic notoriety, like Benahavis which is situated near Marbella, and home to plenty of well-regarded eateries. The coast is not short of Michelin stars either, with restaurants like Los Marinos Jose in Fuengirola and the Dani Garcia chain around Marbella.

the food

But sometimes, eating at home is the order of the day and Christmas is one of those times. We can organise for private chefs to cater for you at your Swish villa.

Reason #12: Palm Trees Look Great with Fairy Lights!

Ok so fairy lights on palm trees are optional of course, but what we mean is, Christmas is better in the sun. There is that exotic flavour that will hit anyone who enjoys their festive season in this part of the world.

Palm Trees Look Great with Fairy Lights

If you are interested in spending Christmas in the sun, browse our range of luxury villas in Marbella or speak to the friendly team.



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