Home Staging An Interior Designer’s Tips

Home Staging An Interior Designer’s Tips

Do you have a property in Marbella or anywhere on the coast for that matter, and want to ensure you can maximise your rental income? Property staging is not just for real estate sales. In fact, we advise all our clients to set the scene for their tenants. Too many personal objects are off-putting but the right amount of carefully chosen props and accessories can be the difference between a yes and a maybe.

We interviewed Marbella based interior designer Danielle Carnegie for her advice on how to dress a Marbella villa for rentals. Some of her suggestions may surprise you, it seems triangles are extremely important in interior design (who knew?!). Read on for the insider knowledge on how to stage a home like a professional.

Danielle Carnegie,
Interior Designer based in Marbella

Tip #1 Odd Numbers & Triangles

“If you struggle with styling your home, a trick of the trade is working with odd numbers and triangles. Working in layers, mixing sizes, materials and forms can work wonders.”

Tip #2 Dressing Dining Tables or Side Tables

“For a grouping in the centre of a table create triangles, this is much more interesting with the varied heights. Use plants, flowers, vases, decorative objects, trays, books… the options are limitless. For interest mix the colours and materials (sticking with your overall style of course) to create a coherent look that flows with the rest of your home.”

Dressing Dining Tables or Side Tables
McGee and Co – Dressing Dining Tables or Side Tables

Tip# 3 Use One Statement Piece for the Minimalist Look

“If you prefer the minimalist look a large vase with a unique arrangement of flowers can also make an impact.”

Tip # 4 How to Work with Shelving

“Styling shelves can be tricky, but a triangle method can also help you here.

Having certain elements that are similar in colour or form and placing them in a triangular formation over the shelves can help anchor the overall look. This will help the eye to move around the space.

Once the pieces of the triangle are in place, then you can add other decorative items around these main pieces, in assorted colours/sizes/forms, to bring it all together. You can also use the triangle on individual shelves, stacking books horizontally is also a fun way to mix things up.

Tip #5 Don’t Be Afraid of Space

“Don’t be afraid of white space, sometimes less is more! – Even when you are dressing a shelving unit or a table with accessories, sometimes the areas that you leave clear will offset the rest better than additional items.”

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