Relocating to Marbella? 6 Tips from Those Who Have Already Done it

Relocating to Marbella? 6 Tips from Those Who Have Already Done it

Here’s What you Need to Know

Thinking of moving to Marbella? Congratulations, you made the right choice! Plenty of sunny days, a booming tech scene, beaches, an international community, and a glamorous place to live. But before you make the move there are a few things you need to know.

1. The amount of paperwork will surprise you

To register here there are a few hoops to go through, depending on if you want full residency or just a NIE. Opening a bank account, buying a car, and even completing a long-term rental contract all requires a great deal of ID and paperwork. Time to get organised!

Spanish NIE card

2. It’s not hot all year round

Please don’t arrive with just one pair of shorts if you are staying for several months. Marbella is warm, but it still has a winter.

empty beach with sun loungers

3. It’s not just a holiday

Maybe you last visited for a holiday but bear in mind when you live somewhere you bring yourself and your work with you. The daily grind of life still exists here, believe it or not, it is just that the views are better.

man having drink beach working laptop

4. You’ll be over-run with visitors

Certainly, in your first year, you will have plenty of requests from people keen to visit you. Frankly, after a few days visitors tend to lose their appeal, especially when they are bringing sand into your home. Choose your visitors wisely, as you don’t want to be a free bed and breakfast.

relocating to marbella 6 tips from those who have already done it 2

5. Second hand cars are expensive

Bizarrely, in a country with a low cost of living, second hand cars are expensive. Something to think about when you do your sums.

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6. Closing times and customs can take some getting used to

The biggest difference many expats face when moving to the south of Spain are the customs. For northern Europeans, the long lunches and later timings in general can be hard to accustomed to. There are also many more closures than you may be expecting, banks tend to close in the afternoons and there are several public holidays too. The lifestyle here is set up to let you live a great life, it can be frustrating when you cannot get things done!

young man sitting waiting room with folder hand checking time before interview

If you are considering a move to Spain and think Marbella is for you, we can help as we offer medium- and long-term rentals in several of our properties. Contact the Swish team for more information.



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