The Changing Art of Prenuptial Celebrations: How Marbella is Embracing the new “Low Key” Stag and Hen Movement

How Marbella is Embracing the new “Low Key” Stag and Hen Movement

The journey of love is a beautiful and sacred one, and celebrating its culmination with a pre-nuptial party is a time-honoured tradition. While the past may have seen more raucous and rowdy celebrations at Marbella’s famous beach clubs and in Puerto Banus, the new trend is all about refined elegance and personalized experiences.

Discover the new wave of sophisticated hen and stag parties in Marbella, which we have dubbed the “low key hen and stag” movement. The focus is more on memorable and wholesome experiences that give a more grown-up feel to the traditional brides’ or grooms’ parties.

More and more, these understated hen and stag celebrations are becoming more popular as people look for alternatives to wild nights out. But in Marbella, low key certainly doesn’t mean low fun: These new gatherings offer a chance to connect with friends on a deeper level, without the pressure of partying all night long. Celebrations are also more inclusive now, allowing for guests who may not be comfortable with the traditional party scene to participate and for a mix of genders, so rather than a girls only holiday, we are seeing more mixed groups.

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This new trend for more refinement also helps hen or stag parties span the generations, when more meaningful experiences are included as well as just late nights out, several generations can attend together with ease.

The Evolution of Pre-nuptial Celebrations:

From the ancient civilizations to the Victorian era, pre-nuptial celebrations have been a cherished tradition. In the past, these parties may have been characterized by overindulgence and debauchery.

Victorian style hen and stag party

The roots of hen and stag dos can be traced back to ancient times, where they were a way to celebrate the impending union of two people. In the Victorian era, women began to have “hen parties,” and men had “stag parties.” Over time, these parties became synonymous with wild and crazy antics before the big day. Today, such raucous affairs are still happening in parts of the city but in the luxury sector, the focus has shifted to elegance, sophistication, and personalization. Swapping out tacky sashes and fancy-dress costumes for curated activities, private chefs, and exclusive venues, those soon-to-be wed can experience a pre-nuptial celebration that is both elegant and unforgettable.

Tips for Elevating Your Pre-nuptial Celebrations:

Whether you choose to relax with a spa day, try your hand at an adrenaline-pumping adventure, or enjoy a private chef’s gastronomic delights, there are endless possibilities for making your celebration unique and unforgettable. Marbella offers a range of exclusive venues, each with its own charm, that are sure to create an unforgettable experience for you and your loved ones. The focus should always be on quality- both with the group you invite of your closest and most cherished friends, as well as quality establishments to celebrate in.

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Choosing Where to Stay

Traditionally, landlords in the past have been hesitant to allow hen and stag parties on their properties due to the potential for damage, noise complaints, and disruption to other guests. However, with the new wave of calmer pre-nuptial celebrations, landlords are more willing to welcome these groups. The focus on elegance, personalization, and curated experiences creates a more respectful and considerate atmosphere, making it less likely that landlords will encounter any issues.

That being said it’s still important to respect the house rules. Many of our properties have a no-parties policy, which is why our villas appeal more to the new, “softer” side of hen and stag parties. Our customers want to enjoy everything Marbella can offer, not just its nightlife.

Exclusive Villas for Groups

Elevate your hen or stag celebration with an exclusive villa rental in Marbella. Experience the ultimate in luxury and comfort while surrounded by stunning Mediterranean views. Our villas provide an idyllic setting for a pre-nuptial party with your nearest and dearest, albeit one that is luxurious and refined, not raucous or intense. Swish customers enjoy our free concierge service to help plan their activities, transportation, and more, ensuring that every moment is tailored to their desires.

Our Villas and Apartments

The art of celebrating love is a refined and sophisticated one, and Marbella offers the perfect backdrop to make your pre-nuptial celebration an unforgettable experience. With elegant venues, exclusive villas, and curated activities, Swish is here to help you create a celebration that reflects your unique style and personality. Marbella is centre stage in the new stag and hen scene, and re-positioning itself as a luxe venue for grown-up brides and grooms.

See you in Marbella

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