The 8 Lies We Tell Ourselves Before a Holiday in Marbella

The 8 Lies We Tell Ourselves Before a Holiday in Marbella

Are you staying in Marbella this summer? We don’t blame you, after all with those charming views and sunsets, it’s a chance to reinvent yourself, never mind just having a break from the routine. But are you expecting just a little too much?

We don’t mean to be rude but best intentions don’t always work out. Once you arrive in Marbella and feel the sun on your skin the prospect of a 5-mile run may not be as appealing, and once you taste the sweet breakfast goodies and pastries on offer in many of the beach-side cafes, you might just put those healthy eating plans on hold too. Trust us!

Here are 8 common lies that guests tell themselves before coming to Marbella. Naturally, we don’t mean you of course!

  1. “I’m not just a tourist!”

I’m not just a tourist

Equipped with an app that explains all of the things to do and local secrets to the city, an elementary grasp of Spanish, and a desire to experience only the most authentic places, you convince yourself that you are more than just a tourist.

In reality, after you try spending a day by the pool and taking photos of you and your party enjoying your holiday, then eating at an international restaurant, you kind of like it. Was that a Marbella fridge magnet you bought too?

  1. “I’m Going to Be Super Healthy.”

I’m Going to Be Super Healthy

Your vacation in Marbella begins with grand intentions: morning jogs along the Paseo Marítimo, fresh Mediterranean salads, and perhaps a detox smoothie. Yet within 24 hours, you find yourself relishing churros dipped in chocolate and indulging in sumptuous seafood platters on the beach,  washed down with a bottle of wine, rationalizing that seafood is inherently healthy. Your yoga mat? It has been relegated to a mere accessory for your beach setup as you sip cocktails under the blazing sun.

  1. “This Time I Won’t Eat Churros and Chocolate for Breakfast.”

This Time I Won’t Eat Churros and Chocolate for Breakfast

See point two above. You tell yourself that this holiday will be different—you will avoid the sugary temptations and start your mornings with something wholesome. However, the intoxicating aroma of freshly made churros (those amazing long donuts) proves irresistible. By the second day, your resolve crumbles, and you find yourself indulging your sweet tooth, justifying it as part of the cultural experience.

  1. “I’m Not Going to Buy Anything on Holiday.”

I’m Not Going to Buy Anything on Holiday

You arrive with the firm intention of avoiding any unnecessary purchases. However, the allure of designer boutiques in Puerto Banús and the exclusive shops along the Golden Mile quickly undermines your resolve. By the end of your trip, you find yourself laden with chic sunhats, designer sunglasses, and perhaps even a luxury handbag. Please note, the Swish team can help with luggage.

  1. “I’m Going to See All the Sights.”

I’m Going to See All the Sights

Your itinerary is ambitious: the old town, a trip to Ronda, a day trip to Granada and a visit to the museums in Malaga. Yet each morning, the allure of your beach chair and the call of the waves prove too strong. Your sightseeing evolves into leisurely strolls along the Paseo Marítimo, with frequent pauses for coffee and the breath-taking sunset views, which seem to demand another photograph for your Instagram (and perhaps another cocktail or dessert.)

  1. “I’ll Stay in Touch with Work.”

I’ll Stay in Touch with Work

You did bring your laptop, vowing to check emails and perhaps join a conference call or two. However, any genuine work quickly takes a backseat to more pressing matters, such as deciding which beach club to visit next. Out of office is there for a reason!

  1. “I’ll Learn to Speak Spanish.”

I’ll Learn to Speak Spanish

You come prepared with your phrasebook and language app, after all you did once learn all the words to ‘La Isla Bonita.”  You feel ready to immerse yourself in the local culture. On day one, you confidently order “dos cervezas, por favor.” By day three, you revert to pointing at menus and relying on universal gestures.

  1. “I’ll Keep Up with My Exercise Routine.”

I’ll Keep Up with My Exercise Routine

You pack your running shoes, envisioning picturesque jogs along the beach. The closest you get to a workout, however, is energetically waving at the waiter for another round of tapas. Your Fitbit? It’s merely tracking your steps from the pool to the bar and back again. Here is a handy guide to fitness in Marbella should you decide you do want to keep at it.

Do these 8 deceptions happen to you too?

We can help, not only can we organise personal trainers to come to your villa in Marbella and shake you out of the lazy phase, we can help organise those day trips for you too. The Swish concierge team is on hand to make your best intentions come true, or, if you prefer, facilitate the party and sugar laden donut fest of your life. The choice is yours!

With love

The Swish team xx



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