Chasing Sunsets in Marbella

Chasing Sunsets in Marbella

“I never bother to look at sunsets” said no one, ever…

There’s something truly magical about a sunset.  It’s the sign of new beginnings after all. But the sunsets in Marbella, they are something to write home about!  Those idyllic moments where the sky becomes a canvas painted with hues of red, pink, orange, and gold seem to stay with you long after the sun dips below the horizon.

But are all sunsets the same? We think not. That’s why we’ve put together an insider’s guide to the best views as the sun goes down in Marbella.

  1. Puerto Banús Promenade:

Visit the picturesque promenade of Puerto Banús. Here, the luxurious yachts provide the perfect backdrop for a stunning sunset. Grab a seat at one of the waterfront cafes or take a leisurely stroll along the marina as the sky ignites in a blaze of colours, casting a warm glow over the bustling scene.

Puerto Banús Promenade

  1. La Concha Mountain:

For a panoramic perspective of Marbella at golden hour and beyond, venture into the foothills of the majestic La Concha mountain. The adventurous among us may wish to hike to one of the scenic viewpoints or, if you’re not so active, simply drive up to a lookout point. You’ll be rewarded with breath-taking views of the coastline and stunning views of orange and pink.

  1. Beachfront Sunsets in Marbella:

Sunsets and beaches belong together! Nothing beats watching the sunset from one of Marbella’s strips of golden sand. From the lively shores of Playa de la Fontanilla to the beach of the Golden Mile, each beach offers its own unique vantage point. Sink your toes into the sand, listen to the soothing rhythm of the waves, and let the colours of the sunset wash over you in a moment of pure serenity. Our top tip? Head for sundowner drinks at Victor’s Beach on the Golden Mile.

Beachfront Sunsets in Marbella

  1. Rooftop Bars and Restaurants in Marbella:

While you are visiting the city, you absolutely must try one of Marbella’s rooftop bars or restaurants. With 360⁰ views of the city and coastline, these rooftop venues offer the perfect setting for sipping cocktails and watching the sun go down in style. Some great options include Air, (the sky bar at Breathe in Nueva Andalucia ) and the Benabola Sky Lounge in Puerto Banus.  Enjoy!

Breathe sky bar

  1. Chasing Sunsets in Marbella Old Town:

Nothing beats a stroll around Marbella’s Old Town as the sun sets over its historic streets. Wander through the labyrinthine alleys, adorned with colourful flowers and ancient architecture, and discover hidden corners where time seems to stand still. As the day fades into night, the warm glow creates an enchanting atmosphere, perfect for a romantic evening walk or a candlelit dinner at one of the cosy tapas bars.

  1. Sunset from the Sea:

A sunset boat tour is not just a fun thing to do, it’s a highly uplifting experience too. Speak to the Swish team, who can help organise your cruise along the coastline as the sky transforms. After all, the Mediterranean offers many delights not just on land!

Sunset from the Sea

  1. Your Swish Villa:

For a truly exclusive sunset experience, retreat to your own private oasis in one of our luxury villas in Marbella. The majority of our properties are chosen for their stunning vistas, offering unparalleled views of the coastline from the comfort of your own terrace.

Sunset from Your Swish Villa

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Our Marbella insiders happily conducted extensive research in the making of this article. As a result, they are significantly happier than before having witnessed some of the finest skies! If you’re ready to find your perfect sky in Marbella just give us a call, we are happy to help. And, don’t forget our handy photography tips for filming in the sunshine and at sunset here in Marbella!

The Swish team xx



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