The Swish Beach Style Guide: How to Choose Swimwear for your Body Shape

The Swish Beach Style Guide: How to Choose Swimwear for your Body Shape

Feel confident and put-together on the beach this season with our simple guide.

Summer bodies are made in winter. So, what if it’s already summer and you haven’t quite achieved a six pack yet? Or perhaps you’re top heavy or a classic English pear shape? Maybe you’re just never quite sure how other people manage to look so flawless, even on the sand in 35 degrees? Fear not, as with our advice, you’ll be looking and feeling your effortless best on the sun lounger.

Swimwear for your Shape

First up, let’s go over some basic principles: Women are different shapes and sizes and so those small pieces of lycra / cotton/ elastane that we like to call “swimwear” can have quite a different effect on specific body shapes depending on how they are cut.

The Swish Beach Style Guide: How to Choose Swimwear for your Body Shape
The Swish Beach Style Guide: How to Choose Swimwear for your Body Shape

Pear Shape

You are pear shaped if your lower half is larger than your top half. Plainly put, your body shape looks like a pear. This figure type is highly coveted by many, but nevertheless you may wish to balance out your body by emphasising your top half. Look for ways to do that: bright colours on top will draw attention to the upper part of your body making it look bigger. Push-up cups will enhance your assets.

Our pick for pears?

High waisted briefs elongate the legs and the matching underwired cup of this bikini will draw attention to the upper part of your body.

Swimwear for your shape - Pear shape

Apple Shape

If you’re Apple shaped you tend to carry weight around your middle. Don’t think you can’t wear a bikini though: try higher-waisted styles which hold in your tummy, which is a very fashionable look this year too. You can also go for a full swimsuit with a low neckline to slim the waist and accentuate the décolleté.

As for pear shaped bodies , choose styles which accentuate your bust and take the focus off your middle.

Apple shape recommendation

Try this delightful swimsuit for size, which will slim the body and look current with the frill neckline.

Swimwear for your shape - Apple shape

Athletic Figure

If you have an athletic figure, you’ll tend to be long and lean. (Lucky you!) This is good news in general for swimwear, as you can get away with high-fashion styles like cut-out designs, or this year’s favourite, asymmetrical one shoulder pieces. You may also like the traditional triangle style, which will accentuate your slim figure.

Try this asymmetrical bikini top for your athletic figure
net-a-porter.comSwimwear for your shape - Athletic figure


If you are top-heavy, opt for separates rather than buying complete bikini sets. This allows you to purchase the best fit, in your bra size. For larger cup sizes, try Hunkemoller.

Hourglass Shape

If you have the classic hourglass shape, you can take your pick of styles. Emphasise your small waist even further with this season’s high-waisted styles or opt for a halter with a plunging neckline to make the most of your bust.

Best bikini for hourglass figures

We just love this halter-neck bikini by Dolce and Gabbana. This shape will make the most of your curves.

Swimwear for your shape - Hourglass shape


Those not wishing to show much skin, regardless of body shape, may be pleased to hear that the market for modesty swimwear has grown and you’ll find plenty of choice online. There are now many swimsuits with skirts attached and some with shorts as well as those which offer full coverage of the whole body like the so called burkini.

Our choice for more modest swimwear?

The Sofia Palm by Lyra offers fantastic coverage while remaining stylish.

How to Look Fantastic on the Beach from Dawn to Dusk

As well as swimwear, it’s important to think about beach outfits or accessories in advance and road test them. Comfort is everything but if you can combine practicality with style then you’re winning. Here are some suggestions for remaining Swish on the beach, even in a heatwave.

  1. Sunglasses

    This season’s must haves are oversixed, 1970’s style.
    Try this gorgeous pair by Dior:

  2. The perfect beach bag

    You want a beach bag that is perfect for the day and you can still use it at night, going from beach-side to bar. Well, we found one! This Ralph Lauren number is so stylish and practical at once, with several compartments. Worth the investment.
    Beach bag

  3. The cover-up

    Opt for ethnic designs and high-quality fabrics. Try these fabulous, sustainable kimonos by Kleed.
    The cover-up

  4. The sunhat

    Hats come in and out of style but a classic sunhat like this one from Ralph Lauren will last you for several seasons.
    The sunhat

So now you’re beach ready, read our guide to the best beach clubs in Marbella here.

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