10 Ways to Embrace Being a Tourist in Marbella

10 Ways to Embrace Being a Tourist in Marbella

Picture this: you’ve just landed in the glamorous playground of Marbella, ready to embark on a vacation filled with sun-kissed beaches, lavish parties, and tantalizing cuisine. You might be tempted to try to blend in like a local, ditching those more touristy tendencies in the pursuit of authenticity. But we say, why not roll with it?

How to Do the “Tourist Thing” in Marbella like you Mean it.

At Swish we are all about freedom of self-expression, so, naturally we think that no one should have to try to look cool or pretend they were actually born and bred here in Marbella.

So why not flip the script and fully embrace your tourist self? After all, holidays are all about letting loose, enjoying new experiences, and bringing your unique quirks along for the ride. So here are some essentials.

How to be the most “touristy” tourist in Marbella this season:

1. Jesus Sandals (Ideally with Socks):

Who says fashion has to be limited to the runway? Go on, do it! You can and rock a socks and sandals combo like there’s no tomorrow. Your feet will thank you for the comfort while you strut along the beach promenade with the confidence that you don’t need to try too hard!

Man sandals summer
Get Comfy and look the part: Flat Sandals will help you look like a Tourist Indeed.

2. Confused Meal Times:

Adjusting to the local meal schedule might feel like you have jetlag or you’re just constantly hungry.  Breakfast at 10 am, lunch at 3 pm, dinner at midnight – it’s a whirlwind of gastronomic surprises! But hey, isn’t it liberating to eat whenever you please without judgment? Why not have dinner at 5.30pm? You will be the only ones in the restaurant for sure..

Confused meal times

3. Comfort Food Stowaways:

We all have those essential comfort foods we can’t live without. So, why not bring them along on your Marbella adventure? Whether it’s your favorite jar of peanut butter, English breakfast tea or that irresistible bag of crisps, a taste of home can be the perfect antidote for occasional homesickness. Eat it with pride!

Comfort food stowaways

4. Posing Like Paparazzi:

In Marbella, everyone feels like a superstar! So, go ahead, channel your inner A-list celebrity, and strike your best paparazzi-worthy poses. Just don’t forget to add some dramatic flair – after all, you never know when the paparazzi might be lurking! Having your phone out at all times and ready to pose will add to the impression you are a tourist.

Posing like paparazzi

5. Language Blunders:

Ordering food in broken Spanish or accidentally complimenting someone’s pet instead of their appearance – the language barriers can lead to hilarious moments! Embrace the language blunders and let laughter be the universal language of connection. For some tips to get you by, however, check out these tips on how to order drinks in Spain.

Language blunders - Do you speak Spanish

6. Souvenir Frenzy:

Who can resist the allure of souvenirs? Embrace your inner shopaholic and indulge in the array of flamenco fans, colourful trinkets, and “I love Marbella” T-shirts. Your friends and family back home will thank you for the unforgettable mementos and once again, it will help with that tourist image.

souvenir frenzy

7. Selfie Stick Extravaganza:

They may be a bit awkward, but selfie sticks are the perfect companions for solo travellers and group photos alike. Capture every moment, every angle, and every goofy expression with this trusty extension of yourself.

Selfie stick extravaganza

8. Map Struggles:

Navigating through Marbella’s maze of streets can be an adventure in itself. Who needs GPS when you’ve got an old-fashioned paper map? Embrace the lost-and-found moments, as they often lead to hidden gems and unexpected encounters.

Map struggles

9. Faux Pas Fashion:

It’s time to unleash your inner fashionista and put together some eye-catching outfits. Mixing patterns, colours, and styles might earn you some raised eyebrows, but who cares? You’re here to make a statement and express your unique sense of style. A nice Hawaiian shirt never fails.

Faux pas fashion

10. Overzealous Hat Collection:

From wide-brimmed sun hats to straw fedoras, your hat collection should know no bounds if you want to really stand out. Each day presents an opportunity to showcase a new headpiece, protecting you from the sun while adding a touch of flamboyance to your ensemble. Be bold with your hat choice for extra tourist points.

Overzealous Hat Collection

Marbella is a place to enjoy and to be seen. After all, it is home to some of the most glamorous beach clubs in spain. But, there is no need to worry about your image. Believe in yourself! Wear socks and sandals with pride, dine at unconventional hours, and bring a taste of home wherever you go.

Being a tourist in Marbella isn’t just about visiting the sights; it’s about creating unforgettable memories and celebrating the joy of being free from inhibitions. So go forth, embrace your inner tourist, and let Marbella’s magic weave its spell on you- just make sure you are aware of the cultural differences between Spain and other countries.

If you need help perfecting your tourist look or simply want to book a luxurious retreat in Marbella for the perfect vacation, do get in touch with us.

With love

The Swish team xx




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