5 Apps to Try on your Next Swish Holiday

5 Apps to Try on your Next Swish Holiday

If you are someone who struggles to put down your phone, make it count. Here are 5 apps that can help expand your knowledge, improve your sharpness, or even your health. These apps could be the ideal solution for those who want to continue their self-development journey whilst on holiday.

1. Babbel


Why not learn a new language while you’re in Marbella? We love the Babble app and it’s great for boosting your confidence in Spanish.


2. Calm


Full disclosure: The healing sounds of the sea might be all you need to unwind in Marbella. If you find it hard to switch off or enjoy meditation, this is the app for you – we can’t fault it!


3. Mind Valley


The gold standard in new age and self-improvement courses. Choose from topics as diverse as meditation, mind and body, entrepreneurship, and spirituality. There are free courses as well as those on a paid plan.

Mind Valley

4. Offtime


This app might be perfect for those who know they have a bad habit of constantly checking work emails on holiday, it helps you to screen your alerts so only the real emergencies can get through.


5. MyFitness Pal


A classic app for those who are watching their diet and exercise. We love how you can track your calories and macros, even when away. No excuses then!

MyFitness Pal

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