5 Scenic Drives from Marbella

5 Scenic Drives from Marbella - Cadiz, Spain

Driving along a winding road in a convertible under a sunny Mediterranean sky is one of life’s pleasures.  Everyone should experience the thrill of a beautiful road trip at least once. In Marbella, you can. Coastal roads, mountain tracks, and romantic sunsets are waiting for you. Even the motorways offer spectacular views.

Here are five scenic drives you should put on your Marbella bucket list.

Andalucia Map

  1. The Coast Road to Fuengirola

    You can drive to Fuengirola in under 40 minutes, along the A7 coast road. This route starts with the usual beach clubs and developments on either side of the main road but suddenly the mood changes and you will realise the journey has become the destination.  As you pass La Cala de Mijas, on your right you should prepare for some breath-taking sea views.
    Also in Fuengirola, you’ll see one of the famous Osborne bulls, in the Los Boliches area. These iconic signs date back to the 1950s when the sherry company created adverts across Spain. Now painted black, they are a talking point and a great photo opportunity.

    Osborne Bull, Spain
    Osborne bull in Las Cabezas de San Juan, Spain
  2. Marbella to Ronda

    The drive to the historical town of Ronda takes around one and a quarter hours along the A397. Along the length of this windy, mountainous road you’ll take in views of Gibraltar in the distance and the coast below. Your inland adventure will start even before you arrive in Ronda. Enjoy.

    Ronda, Spain
    Ronda, Spain
  3. The King of Tolls

    We could not collate the best routes from Marbella without mentioning the wondrous AP7. This is the toll road or “peaje” that runs much further than Marbella, but which affords such impressive views we recommend paying just to drive on it. Try the drive down to Gibraltar on the toll, and see the sun behind the mountains on the way back. Truly priceless!

    Sunset mountain route Marbella, Costa del Sol
    Costa del Sol
  4. The Route to Granada

    You can drive from Marbella to Granada in around two hours via the coastal motorway. Here you will pass resorts including Nerja, so you might be tempted to break up your journey. The Costa Tropical itself gives a new dimension for your coastal car cruise, with famous beaches and plenty of twists and turns along the way.

    Alhambra, Granada
    Alhambra, Granada
  5. Marbella to Tarifa

    Head west of Marbella, crank up the stereo and keep going. You’ll be joining the hundreds of surfers and pleasure seekers who take the hour and a half’s drive down to Tarifa most weekends. Not only will you find a completely different landscape as you enter the province of Cadiz, but the views as you start the approach into the town will lift your spirits and take you out of yourself. The mood changes as soon as you get close. You’ll see large windmills, unspoilt beaches and plenty of rural cows grazing on the grass.

    Tarifa, coast Cadiz, Andalusia, Spain
    Tarifa, Cadiz, Andalusia, Spain

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