How to Avoid “Check-out Syndrome” when you Return from Holiday

How to avoid check out syndrome when you return from holiday

The last day of a wonderful holiday is often bitter-sweet. Thoughts turn, albeit fleetingly, to the routine and hard work waiting for us at home and the inevitable crash landing into reality. The last night of a vacation brings with it a sobering effect, no matter how many cocktails are consumed. So, how do you leave your holiday in good spirits?

What is Check-Out Syndrome?

If you find yourself inventing excuses to check-out later and later from your Swish villa, or the very thought of saying goodbye to your piece of paradise leaves you with a heavy heart, you could be suffering from what we call check-out syndrome. In other words, a general disenchantment that follows a vacation. It can be hard to tear yourself away and get back to reality. You may question your life choices (like the choice not to spend your days lying on a plush sun-lounger with a good book.) You may even wonder why you went away in the first place. Holidays can seem futile if you end-up feeling blue afterwards.

The good news is, we have also explored the purpose of vacations. Despite the sorrow when it’s time to go, it’s considered highly beneficial to productivity and overall wellbeing to take a break. (Phew, we knew there was a reason!)  And, with just a little guidance, you can hang on-to the summer glow well past your 11 am checkout.

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Preventing Post Holiday Blues Before They Start

Our first piece of advice is to ease into your holiday gently. This will help you ease out of it with a soft landing too. Think of it like a pre-holiday vaccination. The more you do before you arrive to make the outbound journey relaxed, the less likely you are to be stressing about the return journey. We have some tips to help you arrive stress free here and we even have some great advice for travelling with kids.

Another way to prevent the dreaded check-out syndrome before it starts is to ensure you get the most out of your vacation. Make those two weeks count. Our concierge team can help you to book trips, restaurants and private chefs. If there is somewhere you are keen to see, give us a call and we will make it happen. That last thing you want is some FOMO lurking on your last day. (Fear of missing out.)

Remember, we can bring the views, the locations and the lifestyle but it’s down to you to relax and let go. So, slip into your Swish robe and slippers and breathe deeply while sipping a juice by the pool. Now that’s an order!

Preventing post holiday blues before they start

Preparing for the Big Trip Home

Travelling home after a restful vacation may be something you don’t want to think about, but planning ahead can make the transition easier.  Don’t forget to pack your Balmain toiletries and Swish robe to extend that holiday spa feeling as long as possible. If you need us, the Swish team can help with packing and organising transport.

The less painful admin you have to do, the better. Ensure that you know what time you need to leave and have allowed adequate time.


Easing Back into your Daily Life After a Vacation

There are two schools of thought of how to readjust after a vacation. The first is to dive straight in, the other is to ease back into your routine gradually. We go with the latter. Those easy days are hard to let go of!

A shrill beep at 6.45 am on the first day back from your wonderful holiday is not going to be very welcome. Instead, can you buy yourself an extra day at home before you return to your usual routine? Having time to readjust can work wonders for the mind, body and soul.

Likewise, for the first week after a vacation, you may want to skip anything that is not essential as you readjust so your body can spring back into action in its own way.

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Keeping the Holiday Mood After you Return

Without doubt, the number one way to return after a vacation with a spring in your step is knowing you have another holiday to look forward to. Contact the Swish team to book yours if this sounds like something you need to do. (It’s for your own good.) Browse our range of villas here.

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And for those who don’t want to go back, or who have a very serious case of check-out syndrome it might be time for some more drastic measures. Medium term rentals are becoming more popular, especially with the trend for remote working. An extended stay in Marbella might be the only cure for you.

With love,

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