Choosing a Luxury Rental Villa in Marbella that Speaks to your Soul

Choosing a Luxury Rental Villa in Marbella that Speaks to your Soul

‘It’s a feeling, not just a checklist.’  Do you agree?

The design, décor, features and amenities of a property combine to create an overall mood, but sometimes it cannot be put into words. As Coco Chanel so nicely put it “An interior is a natural projection of the soul” and we agree.  In fact, we would take it a step further and argue that that choosing a villa is all about finding one that fits your personality and speaks to your soul.

Do you choose your holiday rental property based on factors like proximity to the beach, number of bedrooms and whether or not there is an indoor pool?  Or do you just decide to rent somewhere based on how the photos makes you feel?  Here’s to that intangible, ‘hard-to-put-into-words’ feeling that you get when you first see a special villa that you just know is the place you’ll be spending your well-deserved vacation.  Could it be a meeting of minds? A flicker of a mutual ‘twin flame’ attraction between you and the energy in this lovely residence? Or, perhaps you just love the colour of the cushions because it subconsciously reminds you of your grandma’s kitchen. It doesn’t matter, because when you know, you know!

With so many options out there for luxury rentals in Marbella, of course you can compare properties side by side and check the floor plans, but how do you know if the overall feeling of a place is right for you before you get there?

Rest assured that at Swish, every property we see meets a set of specific criteria and it has to have that “je ne sais quoi” – the wow factor that we know will resonate with guests.

Here’s our guide to choosing a luxury villa in Marbella from our collection, so you can be sure you’ll end up with somewhere that gives your soul just what it needs.

1. Luxury Rentals to Uplift You in Marbella

If you’re the type of person whose whole being is craving fresh energy, the feel-good factor and a heartening welcome, try these properties out for size.

Cipres: 2 Bedroomed Apartment, Puente Romano

You can’t beat the inspiring energy of Marbella’s most iconic resort, The Puente Romano. This apartment offers it all, a perfect base from which to explore the hotel and the attractions of The Golden Mile, as well as a restful haven for your downtime.

Villa Mercedes, Las Brisas

It has that pizazz we are all looking for! This amazing 5 bedroomed property has its own private pool and indoor spa as well as a neat basement with a pool table- just for fun. Feel positive energy soaring through every twist and turn of this impressive villa.

Play pool and bond with your other guests at Villa Mercedes
Play pool and bond with your other guests at Villa Mercedes

2. A Villa to Bring you Closer to Nature in Marbella

La Perla, Nagüeles

Does your soul yearn to be at one with nature? Do you long to walk barefoot on the grass, to be surrounded by birds and pretty trees? Check out this charming property in Nagüeles area of Marbella. Not only does it have an extremely homely feel, close to the lovely pine woods, but it offers a private lake where ducks often come to bathe too.

3. Calming Villas in Marbella

One of the very reasons for a holiday is to find some tranquillity. These villas both have a seriously calming vibe and will ensure you return from your vacation feeling renewed and restored.

Villa Paris, Nueva Andalucía

This wonderful testament to good design has an almost palatial away-from-it-all vibe, and offers plenty of space for up to 14 guests.

The stunning villa flora, front line golf, Marbella
The stunning Villa Paris, front line golf, Marbella

Villa LV One

A wonderful retreat in Los Verdiales on The Golden Mile, only 50 metres from the water.

4. A Villa to Awaken Your Creativity in Marbella

Staring at the sea’s waves or an impressive mountain view could be enough to stimulate some right brain thinking or inspire you to pick up a paintbrush and capture the scene.  In that case nearly all our villas could be right for you. But creativity is not just about art, in fact, if you can awaken your creative energy you might just come up with a new business idea, or find a solution to a problem that’s been eating away at you.

Villa La Luisa

Try Villa La Luisa for size – it’s an incredible beach-front property on The Golden Mile.  (Amazing views, check!) But it’s more than that- its quirky design by Pedro Peña means there are countless ways you can feel inspired every day- whether that is sitting on the Balinese beach club style roof terrace, lavishing in the pool or relaxing in the lounge.

Stunning Pedro Peña interior
Stunning Pedro Peña interior

5. A Villa in Marbella to ‘Find yourself in”

Villa Anamaya

Are you looking for a villa to nourish your mind, body and soul in Marbella? A place to connect with your inner being, and to grow in all senses of the word? Look no further.  Villa Anamaya in the golf valley offers a retreat-like feel, with impressive views over the valley and to the sea below. The villa itself has plenty of surprises. Complete your gratitude journal while sipping on a juice on the stunning terrace, or practice yoga by the pool.

Space to discover yourself at Anamaya
Space to discover yourself at Anamaya

Can we help with your next luxury rental in Marbella?

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