Go Big or Go Home! Is Maximalism The Perfect Design Trend for Marbella?

Go Big or Go Home! Is Maximalism is The Perfect Design Trend for Marbella?

There is some debate in the world of interior design as to whether or not maximalism is making a comeback. For those who are unfamiliar, maximalism is defined as “the style or philosophy of being concerned with maximizing one’s own happiness or pleasure.” In other words, it’s all about going big and bold with your design choices. Some people love this style because it allows them to express their personality and show off their unique taste. Others find it to be gaudy and over-the-top. Regardless of where you stand on the issue, there’s no denying that maximalism is definitely making a comeback in the world interior design.

We say, “Marbella, bring it on!”

Minimalism: The Safe Option in Luxury Villa Interiors

Over the past few years, the nod to minimalism in villa interior design has become almost ubiquitous.  In Marbella, its common to see villas decorated with a minimalist, Scandinavian inspired aesthetic.

Minimalistic Villa, Golf Valley, Nueva Andalucia

This type of design is popular for holidaymakers who want to relax and unwind in a tranquil setting, and it’s easy for home-owners who stage their properties for rental. Less is more, less is also cleaner, easier and sometimes cheaper. But, is it becoming all too samey?

Maximalism in Interior Design in Marbella

Could Maximalism and Marbella be a match made in heaven?  We think so! Marbella is known for its luxury lifestyle and opulent homes, a town where bigger is better and more is definitely more.  Maximalism is a trend in interior design that is all about excess and extravagance. This style is the complete opposite of minimalism, which is focused on simplicity and functionality. Maximalism is about making a bold statement with your décor. It’s about being daring and fearless with your design choices.

Maximalism in Interior Design in Marbella
Behance.net / Svitlana Petelko

Marbella is no shy, retiring wall flower.  People of Marbella, we urge you to embrace the excess!

How to Adopt a Maximalist Design Aesthetic

It’s easy enough to talk of design trends but to really carry this one out effectively, there are some principles to follow. The key to pulling off this style is to strike the perfect balance between chaos and control. You want your space to look like it’s been artfully curated, not like you just threw everything together haphazardly. To achieve this look, start by choosing a colour palette and sticking to it. Then, mix and match different patterns and textures to create visual interest. And finally, don’t be afraid to mix old and new pieces, as well as high and low-end items.

If it’s Good Enough for The Marbella Club…

The recently refurbished “El Patio” and Clubhouse at The Marbella Club shows Marbella how to “ do maximalism” well. An eclectic mixture of pictures, colours and textures and patterns which comes together seamlessly.

El Patio - Marbella Club Hotel

So, tell us what you think. Are you in the minimalist or the maximalist camp?

With love (and just the right amount of patterns and textures)

The Swish team xx



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