How to Cope with Other People’s Holidays

How to Cope with Other People’s Holidays

Other people’s holidays: A divisive topic that brings out the best and worst of human nature. Surely not?

Perhaps you are one of those people who live vicariously through others, absorbing yourself in your cousin’s tales of their last trip to the Andes and perusing their photos with relish, almost like you were there yourself. Or maybe you just don’t want to know, and that’s ok too! You see, hearing about other people’s amazing holidays can bring out the darkest side of even the nicest personality.

Holiday Jealousy is a Real Thing

The so called “green eyed monster” often makes an appearance when our guests tell their friends back home where they are staying. We actually worry that we play a part in this at Swish Marbella: We go out of our way to make it easy for people to have a good time in our luxury villas, and if that wasn’t sickening enough, we even encourage them to take photos to show the folks at home!

How to Cope with Other People’s Holidays
Try not to gloat: Villa Jazmin, one of our most loved properties that might easily make your friends jealous.

Why you Don’t Want to Know About Other People’s Holidays

You’re not alone. The reason you don’t want to see friends’ holiday photos is simple: You weren’t there. After all, you want to be sipping on that delicious looking smoothie overlooking the sea, not your slightly annoying best friend! And while you obviously want your loved ones to have a good time, you don’t think it’s fair they get to experience the best time ever without you. We hear you.

How to Manage your Friends’ Emotions when you are Staying in a Luxury Villa

So, how should you act, as a responsible holidaymaker, not wanting to trigger feelings of envy in those you know? Obviously flaunting one’s vacation antics is not the done thing, but still, with terraces like this, it can be hard not to!

View from Villa Mercedes, would you keep it to yourself?
View from Villa Mercedes, would you keep it to yourself?

If you do want to keep friends and influence people on your feed at the same time, try to stick to just one or two tasteful shots. It’s for the best!

How to Manage Holiday Envy

Now let’s get back to you! How do you manage your own emotions when all you see on social media are friends’ perfect vacations? You have two options:

  1. Book an even better vacation for yourself (we can help with that!)
  2. Learn to live with it. You too will have your time in the sun.

Remember, they may be in a stunning setting but you are not there providing your wit and charm, so arguably, they are the ones missing out!

If you are dreaming of your next holiday in Marbella and promise not to use it as a way to make your friends jealous, just give us a call. We are on hand 24/7 to help you choose your next luxury rental.



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