Swish Nightlife: The Most Glamorous Venues in Marbella

Swish Nightlife: the most glamorous venues in Marbella

Marbella’s nightlife scene is a sophisticated affair, and it’s no surprise that it still pays homage to the glitzy 1960s and 70s era.

Nowhere is this nod to timeless glamour more evident than on the Golden Mile, where you can find some of the most exclusive and luxurious nightclubs in Marbella. Two of the city’s most iconic hotels, The Marbella Club and The Puente Romano, both evoke feelings of Old School Chic, and there are plenty of superbly lavish bars and restaurants to visit in this area. But Marbella also offers a wide variety in nightlife, from the more raucous areas like Puerto Banus to discos and bars on the beach with views of the sea.

Glamorous Cocktails on The Golden Mile

The Golden Mile is a must-visit destination for anyone looking to experience the glamour and sophistication of Marbella’s nightlife scene. At Rudi’s Bar inside The Marbella Club Hotel, you can sip on cocktails while listening to the dulcet tones of a gifted pianist into the early hours. The bar is named after the resort’s original General Manager, Count Rudi, and boasts velvet sofas and roaring fireplaces that create a cosy, bohemian sanctuary.

Rudi’s Bar inside The Marbella Club Hotel
Rudi’s Bar Marbella

The Plaza at Puente Romano is another favourite on The Golden Mile, where you can enjoy a sophisticated cocktail in a stylish outdoor terrace. For a unique dining and entertainment experience with expertly mixed cocktails, Mantarraya MX, just a short walk further down the Golden Mile toward Marbella, is the place to be. While it may not have sea views, this restaurant which features in the Michelin guide offers an extensive list of cocktails, as well as delicious Mexican cuisine, in an extremely stylish setting.

Dancing in Style

If you’re looking to dance the night away in style, there are several venues in Marbella that are sure to impress. Nota Blu is a brasserie that doubles as a lounge and nightclub, making it the perfect spot to enjoy some delicious food and drinks before hitting the dance floor. Meanwhile, Mamzel Dinner Club offers a unique dining and entertainment experience that is not to be missed.

Mamzel Marbella
Mamzel Marbella

If you’re looking for something a bit more exclusive, Motel Particulier is a chic members-only dinner show and nightclub in an industrial area outside of Marbella. But be warned, entrance is strictly by invitation only or limited to members.

Nightlife on the Beach in Marbella

If you’re looking for a different type of nightlife experience, Marbella’s beach bars or ‘chiringuitos’ are a must-visit. Tiki Beach is a popular beach bar where you can dance the night away to the sound of salsa music. Secondly, located at the Puente Romano Hotel, El Chiringuito is another beach bar worth checking out. It’s the perfect place to enjoy a drink and watch the sunset before hitting the dance floor.

Tiki Beach Marbella
Tiki Beach Marbella

Puerto Banus Nightlife

For those who want a real party, Puerto Banus is the place to be. La Sala is a popular nightclub in Puerto Banus that attracts a lively crowd of partygoers. With three different areas to choose from, including a restaurant, bar and nightclub, La Sala has something for everyone. In the port itself, Joys is a popular venue that attracts crowds looking to dance. With a resident DJ and a lively atmosphere, Joys is the perfect spot for a night of dancing and partying.

La Sala, Puerto Banus, Marbella
La Sala Banus

Frequently asked questions about Marbella’s Nightlife Scene

  • What time do nightclubs open in Marbella?
    Nightclubs in Marbella typically open at midnight and stay open until around 2:00 am or in some cases, 6:00 am.
  • What time do people have dinner in Marbella?
    In Marbella, dinner is typically eaten later than in other parts of Europe. It’s not uncommon to see people eating dinner as late as 10:00 pm or even later.
  • Is it common to dance in Marbella?
    Yes, dancing is a big part of Marbella’s nightlife scene. Many nightclubs and bars in Marbella have dance floors but there are also many restaurants which offer dancing too.
  • What sort of ages are people in nightclubs in Marbella?
    Marbella caters to all age groups, there are nightclubs or discos frequented by the very young (under 25s), such as some of the bars in Puerto Banus or Dreamers in the same area, and then there are some bars and clubs known for drawing in an older crowd, like El Patio inside Marbella Club.  Generally the age groups are mixed.
  • How dressy is the nightlife scene in Marbella?
    Marbella’s nightlife scene is known for being quite dressy, especially in the high-end nightclubs and bars. It’s not unusual to see people dressed in their finest outfits, with women wearing high heels and men in jackets or blazers.
  • What is the dress code for the top nightclubs in Marbella?
    The dress code for top nightclubs in Marbella can vary, but it’s usually smart casual or dressy. Men are often expected to wear collared shirts and dress shoes, and women should avoid wearing shorts or flip flops.
  • Is it safe to go out in Marbella at night?
    Yes, Marbella is generally considered a safe place to go out at night. However, as with any popular tourist destination, it’s always a good idea to take precautions such as being aware of your surroundings, staying with friends, and not leaving drinks unattended.
  • What is the legal drinking age in Marbella?
    The legal drinking age in Spain is 18, and this is enforced in Marbella as well. However, some clubs and bars may have their own policies regarding age limits for entry.
  • How much does a night out in Marbella cost?
    The cost of a night out in Marbella can vary widely depending on the venue you choose, the drinks you order, and the time of year. However, as a general rule, the top nightclubs and bars on The Golden Mile and in Puerto Banus are likely to be more expensive than those in other areas of the city.
  • Can you pay with credit card at Marbella’s nightclubs?
    Many nightclubs and bars in Marbella do accept credit cards, but it’s always a good idea to bring some cash with you as well. Some venues may have a minimum spend for credit card payments, and there may be ATM fees if you need to withdraw cash.
  • Are there any restrictions on smoking in Marbella’s nightclubs?
    Yes, smoking is not allowed in enclosed public spaces in Spain, including nightclubs and bars. Some venues may have designated smoking areas, but you should always check with staff before lighting up.

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