What Makes a Luxury Rental?

What Makes a Luxury Rental?

Search on Google for terms like “luxury rental Marbella” and you won’t be short of listings, all purporting to offer the most exclusive villas and apartments. But do they really? What is luxury anyway and how do we recognise it?

Our criteria: 6 Factors that Define Luxury Rentals

What Makes a Luxury Rental?

1. Location

Prime, prime, prime… did we mention prime? A truly luxurious location is in a highly sought after area, be that beachfront, within a desired post code, or an idyllic setting.

2. Quality

One of our values at Swish is quality and we cannot bear to see evidence of cutting corners. We expect properties to be of a high standard, like our housekeeping, the personal chefs we work with, and everything we do.

3. Textiles

Textiles can make or break an interior. Don’t believe us? Imagine your most exceptional property with poor quality sheets. It just doesn’t work!

4. Amenities

Nearly as important as location, we feel strongly that a property should offer those little extras. Wifi goes without saying, but is there a hot tub? How about a roaring, romantic fire?

5. Service

A wonderful stay could still leave a sour aftertaste if there is no-one to call, or no-one to repair or fix minor issues. Top notch service is everything and a fundamental part of the luxury experience.

6. Style

Whether it’s traditional or contemporary, a villa needs to impress, inside and out. Currently, we are seeing a trend for interiors so modern you may as well be in the future, but as Carrie Bradshaw once said “Who wants to live in the past?”

What makes a Swish luxury rental?

With stunning views, amazing locations and stylish interiors being the norm in Marbella, we are spoilt for choice, but not every villa makes the grade. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and there is, admittedly, a level of subjectivity to our villa selection process at Swish. We only work with villas that adhere to our strict rules but also tug at our heart strings. That intangible wow factor has to be there as well as a checklist of criteria. It’s a balance of the head and the heart.

Complying with all of the above is just the start of a Swish rental experience.

Enter stage left, Swish.

It’s not enough to offer a stunning villa. We like to think of our properties as the stage and our team as the cast in the production of a Swish holiday. (Yes, you my friends are the audience, with VIP seats, naturally.)
For any property rental, we arrive well before you do to prepare the accommodation, leave our finishing touches and treats and ensure all is hunky-dory. It doesn’t stop there, we are on-hand 24 hours a day for anything at all.
We don’t expect a standing ovation at the end, your inclination to return next year is praise enough for us.

If you want to experience a Swish luxury rental for yourself, give us a call, WhatsApp or email us and we will be only too willing to assist you.



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