An Alternative Christmas in Marbella: The Festive Guide for “Bah Humbugs”

An Alternative Christmas in Marbella: The Festive Guide for “Bah Humbugs”

Are you fed up of Christmas songs, Christmas markets and the pressure of having to have that perfect yuletide? Does the thought of eating another mince pie send you over the edge? Maybe you’re a little bit anti- Christmas. We hear you. The festive season can be over-rated! And, if you are one of those people who are not so big on this time of year, then perhaps an escape to Marbella is just what the doctor ordered.

Marbella offers an unconventional Christmas playground. The city indexes high on sunshine, glamour, and style, which is not the stereotypical image of a traditional festive yuletide. For this reason, Marbella presents several ‘alternative’ ways to enjoy this time of year, even for those who just don’t (or won’t) get into the holiday spirit.

Are you a Bah Humbug?

What do we mean by “Bah Humbug” anyway?

In fact, these words were originally characteristic of Ebenezer Scrooge in A Christmas Carol (1843) by English author Charles Dickens. Scrooge was the epitome of a mean spirited nay-sayer who scoffed at the very idea of Christmas and didn’t think it was for him. The expression stuck and is now used to describe anyone who doesn’t seem to join in.

But if you think you are a “Bah Humbug” we get it. Christmas can be tiring;  Despite all the good points of the festive period, for many, it can represent a time of overspending, over indulgence and feeling fed up. It’s no wonder some of you want to escape the usual “Christmas culture” and proclaim loudly “Christmas is Cancelled!

Off the Wall Ideas for an Unconventional Marbella Based Christmas

Read on for eight ‘alternative’ activities to transform your Christmas season from too chintzy to superb, with a dash of sunshine thrown in.

IDEA 1 Sunset Sailing Soiree from Puerto Banus

Cast away the holiday excess aboard a sailing boat for a sunset soiree. We can help you organise a charter or why not take one of the pre-organised excursions from the port?  You’ll be surprised how much the gentle lull of the waves washes your cares away.

Sunset Sailing from Puerto Banus
Sunset Sailing from Puerto Banus

IDEA 2 Equine Escape on the Beach

Embark on a Christmas escapade of a different kind  in Marbella or surrounding areas, by saddling up for a horseback ride along the sandy shores. Feel the exhilaration of freedom (from those heavy Christmas dinners) and experience the holidays from a new perspective.

Horseback ride along the sandy shores - Marbella
Equine Escape on the Beach

IDEA 3 Hold a “No Christmas Films Allowed” Movie Night

Escape the monotony of watching that Christmas romcom for the twenty-fifth time, with a luxury cinematic experience.  If your villa has its own cinema room, happy days, if not we can help organise a big screen fro you. Bundle up and enjoy your favourite film, creating a cozy movie night and escape from the Christmas shenanigans for one and a half hours.

Private cinema room inside Villa La Gratitud, Marbella
Private cinema room inside Villa La Gratitud, Marbella

IDEA 4 Gastronomic Rebellion

Indulging a little too much? Reinvent your holiday feast with a gastronomic rebellion that has absolutely no Christmas trimmings but that really is tasty. Our suggestion? A beach picnic, for that taste of eternal summer  Why not prepare a meal that doesn’t include any Christmas foods for a little change. What’s that? Lettuce you say? Oh yes we remember that!!

A beach picnic Marbella
Picnic Marbella

IDEA 5 A Bracing Winter Dip

Embrace the cold, disinterested spirit in Christmas with a winter swim in the sea.  Think of it as your winter wake up call! Gather a group of like-minded souls and off you go, invigorating your senses with the chilly embrace of the Mediterranean waves. Best for those of you who really like the cold! You can even join in one of the organised Boxing Day swims in the area, such as the big one in Sabinillas to the West of Marbella.

Embrace the cold, disinterested spirit in Christmas with a winter swim in the sea
Winter swim in the sea

IDEA 6 A Fully Electric Biking Experience

Break free from the constant chatter about Christmas, and electrify your senses with a bike ride with a twist:  Take an electric bike tour above Marbella. Explore Marbella’s scenic landscapes effortlessly, discovering hidden trails and enjoying the crisp winter air in an active and alternative Christmas adventure.

Take an electric bike tour above Marbella.
Electric bike tour above Marbella (Photo credit:

IDEA 7 Indulge in Beachside Meditation

Escape the chaos of the season with a tranquil beach meditation. Join a guided meditation session and let the soothing sounds of the waves become the backdrop for your peaceful escape,  or host your own do it yourself meditation with a popular app like Headspace or Calm. A perfect antidote to the festive frenzy.

Beachside Meditation
Beachside Meditation

If you fancy waking up to beach views in Marbella this festive season, and embarking on your own beach meditation check out our villas on The Golden Mile, Marbella. We have a number of beachfront properties that will soothe your soul.

IDEA 8  A Pampering Session

Devote two hours to yourself.  So often during the Christmas season we can be pulled in many directions, attending parties, visiting family and preparing meals and gifts for loved ones that we lose ourself. At your Swish villa, that doesn’t have to be the case. Take part in your own beauty ritual, or have a wellness consultant sent to you for a massage or facial.  Alternatively, sweat off those winter toxins in your own private sauna, like this one in Villa Shakira.

Villa with sauna in Sierra Blanca, Marbella
Sauna in Villa Shakira, Marbella

This Bah Humbug’s Guide invites you to revel in the unconventional side of  Christmas in Marbella. But for those who are partial to some festive spirit, check out our guide of things to do at Christmas and New Year in Marbella.

With love

The Swish team xx



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