Your Swish Year 2023

Your Swish Year 2023

We love our customers at Swish Marbella, and we are ever fascinated by you; your habits, your tastes and your funny stories. Having had another successful year in Marbella’s luxury rentals industry we feel privileged tao be always learning.  Marbella is ever- evolving and so is our client profile. Read on for some of the key highlights of 2023, your Swish year!

TREND 1: You Didn’t Want to Leave!

In the spirit of indulgence, slightly more of our guests extended their Swish experience this year. (Sometimes you just have to have more of a good thing.)

Compared to 2022, the number of people who extended their stays once they were here, grew by over 20%. And why not?

Over 20% Growth in Guest Stays from 2022 to Present

TREND 2: Group Glamour: More Loved Ones, More Luxury

This year, we saw more, more and then some more! We witnessed a heartening 16% surge in parties with eight or more members, and 2023 became the year of grand gatherings.

Extended families and larger groups revelled in our luxury hideaway villas, creating unforgettable memories with the breathtaking backdrop of Marbella.

16% Surge in Parties with Eight or More Members

TREND 3: Not without my Pet!

The love for pets flourished in 2023, as we joyfully hosted 25 parties of guests with their beloved companions, marking a delightful increase of over 10% from the previous year. Marbella emerged as the ultimate pet-friendly haven, ensuring that no family member—furry or otherwise—was left behind.

10% Increase in Pet-Loving Parties in 2023

TREND 4: Puente Romano Reigns Supreme

Puente Romano retained its throne as the most requested area, captivating guests with its blend of luxury, tranquility, and proximity to Marbella’s golf courses, and its vibrant heart.

The Most Requested Area in 2023

TREND 5: Bring the Entourage

Despite our on-hand concierge team, 8% of our guests brought their own staff this year, transforming their Swish experience into a seamless extension of home. Swish isn’t just about accommodation; it’s about facilitating the best experience for our guests.

8% of Guests Bring Their Own Staff

TREND 6: Concierge Favourites: Yachts, Hikes, and Gastronomic Delights

The heartbeat of Swish, our concierge service, was strong this year and the team was rather busy! Yachting days, scenic hikes, and private chefs emerged as the most popular requests, curating bespoke adventures that added an extra layer of magic to Marbella’s allure.

Concierge Favourites

TREND 7: Greetings from Saudi

Saudi continued to claim the title as the most prevalent origen of our guests in 2023, reinforcing Marbella’s global allure. From the stunning landscapes of the Saudi Arabia to the sun-soaked shores of Marbella, the journey is a seamless transition into luxury.

Marbella's Global Guest Origins in 2023

TREND 8: Marbella Addiction

This year, a delightful trend emerged as more customers who stayed with us in 2022 returned for another taste of Swish magic. Among them, 60% explored a new property, while 40% revisited a villa they stayed in before. Your loyalty is our greatest reward.

Returning Customer Trends in 2023

TREND 9: Healthy Indulgence

In a nod to well-being, we observed a growing demand for well-balanced breakfasts at home reflecting a commitment to a healthy lifestyle. Additionally, albeit anecdotally, the call for personal trainers delivered to our villas soared, as guests sought to combine luxury with wellness.

Healthy Indulgence

TREND 10: Little Ones Love Marbella

Marbella remains a safe and enchanting haven for families with young children, with 67% of our parties in 2023 including children under 12. The appeal of Marbella as a holiday resort with young children is not hard to understand, with the beaches and fantastic climate.

Parties with Children under 12 in 2023

TREND 11: Ronda Reigns Supreme

For day trips, Ronda claimed the crown as the most popular excursion that we helped organise in 2023, followed closely by the vibrant city of Malaga in second place.

Ronda claimed the crown as the most popular excursion that we helped organise in 2023

So, Swish fans, this is your year, we hope to see you back with us in 2024 for a fantastic year of sunshine and spectacular views.



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