How to Travel Stress Free to Marbella- A Swish Guide

How to Travel Stress Free to Marbella- A Swish Guide

When should you start to get ready for your trip to Marbella? One month before? One year before? The morning of your flight? What will you need to bring or do before you come?

Here’s our guide to help you arrive and leave feeling light and breezy. It’s all about preparation and teamwork (that is where Swish come in.)

Arriving from Abroad: Requirements for Tourists Entering Spain

Plan ahead if you are coming from another country. If you need a new passport or visa the process could take weeks to months. Forewarned is forearmed so do all of this in good time. We recommend you offset the pain of the planning, logistics and paperwork with daydreaming about those beautiful sunsets. Remember, it will all be worth it!

Requirements for Tourists Entering Spain

 Coming from Abroad?

  1. Check your passport is valid for at least three months after the day you plan to return from Spain. (If it’s not, proceed to get a new one pronto!)
  2. Check any visa requirements and ensure you have yours to enter Spain if needed.
  3. Check you have the correct Covid 19 status certificates, documents or covid passport if required.  You can find out the current covid requirement for Spain here.
  4. While it is not essential by law, travel insurance is very important. Book your policy with a reputable firm to cover your trip. Ensure you declare any medical conditions so you are covered if you need healthcare in Spain.

Travelling from Within Spain?

If you are travelling to Marbella from within Spain, you should still plan your route and book transfers if needed with plenty of time, especially in peak season. Remember, Swish can help with airport transfers or general travel advice.

Travelling from Within Spain

Preparing your Luggage

The big decision of the year needs to be made at least a week before you come. Yes, of course we are talking about what to take on holiday to Marbella.  If you need advice on what to bring, read our blog “How to Pack light for a vacation in Marbella.” Generally, however, our advice is bring less than you think you need. The climate here is very forgiving so you won’t have any use for excessive outerwear or heavy boots. As a plus, the shops in Puerto Banus and Marbella are pretty enticing too so you leave some room in your case.

Preparing your Luggage

Preparing your Appliances

No, we are not suggesting you bring a washing machine with you or a fridge. (Swish kitchens tend to be littered with gleaming, sparkly state of the art appliances.) What we mean is that you should prepare your gadgets and any adaptors or chargers you will need before you come away.

Imagine the stress of forgetting your Macbook charger cable and needing to send just one urgent email before you can let go! We know you wouldn’t do that, would you?

Preparing to be “Marbella Ready”

Are you ready to don your bikini? If you are at all self-conscious about wearing your bathing suit, read our helpful guide to choosing swimwear for your shape.

Preparing to be “Marbella Ready”

Is your hair holiday-ready and have you made time for any appointments so you can look your best before you come? We do have some good news for you, our beautician is able to come to your Swish villa and provide treatments as desired, you only have to ask. Please do see our  next point, below, however, about not going too crazy with new treatments or mixtures before you arrive.

Swish Tip: Avoid Big Changes During The Week Before your Holiday

To ensure you feel comfortable during your trip, don’t introduce a huge amount of new lotions, potions or treatments into the mix before you come. It’s best not to change to new medications just before going abroad in case they don’t suit you. Equally, don’t panic about your lack of sun-tan by binging on self-tan or trying a high intensity exercise regime as a last-ditch attempt to acquire a beach body one week before you come. You will just end up worn-out and possibly streaky if your tanning efforts don’t go to plan.

Sun protection - Summer 2023

Tempted to treat yourself to a new skincare set? Say no to any drastically different face lotions too, just in case.  An allergic reaction will put a dampener on your holiday before you even arrive so it’s best to play it safe and stick to what you know.

Your Swish concierge team can source products for you in Marbella too. Just so you know.

Preparing for “Holiday Mode”

Are you actually ready to unwind? As strange as it may sound, it’s important to allow yourself to let go.  If you live life at a frenetic pace then it can be challenging.  Bear in mind that we can escape to paradise but we take ourselves with us. If we don’t train ourselves to relax it can actually be a struggle. Our suggestion? Practice a mini digital detox before you come. Let the phone know who is boss, so you will be ready to leave it behind when you are tanning yourself on the Swish lounger.

Tanning on the Swish lounger

There are a few more ways to get mentally-ready to relax. We call it life admin.  The gardener needs to be booked, you need to tell the relevant people you are going away, you need to sort out and communicate with all the individuals who need to know you are not going to be around.  Make sure you have contact information for all the important staff, family and friends you might need to get hold of during your trip. Spend some time now doing this, it will save you a lot of mental headache later and give you a little more serenity as you gaze into the Marbella moonlight.

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