How to Organise a Large Group Holiday in Marbella

How to Organise a Large Group Holiday in Marbella

Ah, Marbella. The playground of the rich and famous and the perfect destination for a sunny getaway. But when it comes to planning a holiday for several people at once in this glitzy coastal town, there are just a few things to consider first.

At Swish, we love to keep you happy, and we have experience in facilitating holidays for groups of all sizes, from a ‘party for one’ to a party of 22!  So, before you make the booking, you may want to heed our advice.  Here are ten ways to make your life easier as you plan a group holiday to wonderful Marbella.

10 Swish Tips for Organising your Group Holiday to Marbella

  1. If you are thinking of travelling with people you don’t know too well, understand their preferences and what they like to do before you book. Choose your guests wisely, as after all, you’ll be spending a great deal of time together!
  2. Be firm about the date and the duration: It’s important to consider everyone’s schedules and availability, but you will always have requests from one of the party to change the date. You will have to use your judgement: Cancelling the whole plan because cousin Emily has a gymnastics class is not going to be a strong enough reason, but auntie Mary’s birthday is!
  3. Choose your accommodation with practicality in mind. Marbella has stunning options that can cater to large groups, from private villas to hotels with multiple rooms. It’s important to consider everyone’s preferences and budget but do remember you can’t please everyone, all the time! Swish has several stylish rental villas that cater to up to 22 guests.
  4. Plan activities in advance: Marbella has a range of activities catering to large groups, from boat trips to guided tours to beach days. Planning activities everyone can enjoy and catering to different interests and age groups is important. Hint, you can ask your Swish concierge for help if you book with us!
  5. Plan meals before you arrive: Marbella has many restaurants that are ideal for large groups, from fine dining to casual tapas, but they do get busy.  It’s important to book. Again, your Swish concierge can help here! For even more inspiration on where to eat, read our blog here. “10 restaurants you won’t find in other Marbella guides.”
  6. Book the extras in advance: Housekeeping is essential to keep the home-from-home harmonious (if it is not already included in your rental package.) Likewise, if you know that some members of your party have unusual requests or dietary requirements, make sure to ask in advance where they can get their supplies.
  7. Communicate effectively with your group: Communication is key when organising a holiday for a large group in Marbella. It’s essential to keep everyone informed of the itinerary, accommodation, and any changes or updates. Our top tip- for those who tend to be late in your group, why not tell them the pick-up time is 30 minutes earlier than it really is? (White lies never hurt anyone, right?)
  8. Don’t fight over the bedrooms. We repeat, don’t fight over the bedrooms. Find a fair way to assign the walk-in closet to the most deserving member of your party (or the one with the most shoes.)
  9. Don’t give too many choices to your group– for example, don’t ask them what they want to eat for dinner on the first night (keeping it open-ended.) Instead, book our private chef service and send them the set menu!
  10. Have fun: It’s important to remember that the holiday is meant to be enjoyable and fun for everyone. Make sure you take time to relax and breathe before you set off, so you can make the most of it!

Our suggestions for Large Group Holidays in Marbella

Villa Gratitude- A Perfect Rental for Large Groups in Marbella

One possible haven for your next group holiday in Marbella is Villa Gratitude on The Golden Mile. This villa has plenty of space, luxurious indoor and outdoor pools and a stunning backdrop for family activities.

Give thanks for Gratitude, with all of your crew!

LV One, Boutique Feel Luxury Right Near the Water

Another stunning villa ideal for large groups is LV One, tucked away in  Los Verdiales on The Golden Mile, right next to The Puente Romano and The Marbella Club hotels, and only 50m from the water.

You’ll forget the family arguments when you see this pool!

At Swish we are here to help you before, during and after your stay. Contact us to book your next trip to Marbella. In the meantime, why not browse our range of luxury villas.



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