Swish Sustainability Promise: One Step at a Time

Swish sustainability promise one step at a time

At Swish we remain committed to our sustainability promise.  We recently championed the use of wind power amongst our owners and take environmental issues into consideration in all of our purchasing decisions. We are extremely conscious that if we all play our part, however small, it will add up.

That’s why we are continually looking for new ways to improve our environmental footprint and conserve the world we live in. We’ve just partnered with Balmain Paris, a French brand that shares our passion for protecting our beautiful world. Their nourishing, organic products come in reusable bottles to help prevent unnecessary landfill.  We think you’ll agree, we would rather look at a stunning sunset than a landfill site.

Sunset in Marbella

Some 80 million tourists visit Spain each year. If each one were to throw away their plastic shampoo bottles that’s a lot of waste, so  every little helps. Do you agree?

How Can Guests Help The Environment with Swish?

To specifically book one of our properties that uses wind power, look out for the green energy symbol on the listing. Other ways you can do your bit as a guest are to consciously save power when you are staying in a property, avoid unnecessary or excessive use of electricity and consider the environment by re-using towels and linens.

Let’s keep Marbella as beautiful as it is today!
Yours, The Swish team xx



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