The Secret Life of Villas in Marbella

The Secret Life of Villas in Marbella

Have you ever wondered what lies behind the elegant facade of a Swish villa in Marbella? Beyond the walls and intricate designs, what memories are etched within these luxurious retreats?

What secrets does your Swish villa in Marbella keep?

Well, what better way to find out than ‘asking’ the villas themselves? They do say walls have ears. Here is what we learnt.

Villa LV One

I am more than the four walls that surround me. Children have learned to swim in my pool and extended families have reunited after a long time in my lounge. Vibrant celebrations have graced my spaces but what has left a marked impression are the small details: like the moment guests arrive and realise they can wake up and be at the sea front in under 2 minutes, or the romantic evenings spent sitting on my terrace watching the sunset.

I am more than just another villa. I am LV One and I host a treasure trove of memories and special secrets.

LV ONE, Marbella. For bookings please contact us.

Villa Aurora

I am a warm escape in the winter and a cool retreat in the summer. But my appeal lies more in what I do for my guests; I have seen many a family arriving tired and frazzled, only to leave two weeks later with a new spring in their step, rested after many long lunches gazing over to the Concha in the distance.
My solarium is where novels have been read, yoga poses performed at sunrise and, it has even witnessed a romantic proposal.

I am more than just a Swish Villa, I am Aurora.

Villa Aurora, Marbella. For bookings please contact us.

Villa Shakira

My secrets are many: let me share them with you when you come to stay, perhaps over a fine wine. I can promise shared laughter, and the uplifting feeling when you realise I have many hidden delights: from my walk in wardrobes to my pristine bath suites.
I am more than a villa, with the grounds that surround me with pretty palms, and my panoramic views- I will leave an impression etched into the soul of my guests, most of whom don’t want to leave. I remember the little girl who was riding her bike around my grounds and whose confidence grew day by day, and I remember the A-ha moment that one of my guests had, simply by sitting looking at the pretty view.

Villa Shakira, Marbella. For bookings please contact us.

La Gratitud, Golden Mile Marbella

I have seen them, entering with a hint of trepidation, “Will it be what we wanted?” “Will the kids enjoy it?” and then seen the look on their faces when they get the grand tour in person and see all that I offer. I do like to host guests and make them feel at home, the more the merrier, (I can accommodate up to 22.)

I am more than just a villa, of course! I am the feeling of strangers becoming friends. I am the power to relax even the most overworked executive into a subtle micro-sleep siesta on my sun-lounger, and I am the magic that turns company retreats into “I love my job!” I’m also the feeling of having no-where to go but everything at your fingertips, due to my prestigious location on The Golden Mile. I hope to meet you soon.

La Gratitud, Marbella. For bookings please contact us.

We hope you enjoyed this intimate view into the lives and memories of our villas. If you would like to become part of our collective memory and make your own magic happen in Marbella, just contact us, we are here to help.

With love,
The Swish team xx



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