The Truth About Padel Tennis in Marbella

The Truth About Padel Tennis in Marbella

“Padel” is a popular sport in Spain, in parts of Europe and across South America. It should never be confused with tennis. It’s different. But then again, is it?

And, what is padel anyway?  Where did it come from? And why do so many people play it in Marbella?

We explore what this sport actually is and where you can play padel in Marbella. Why is everyone jumping on the padel wagon?

What is Padel?

Padel is a racket sport, very popular in Spain with origins in the Spanish speaking world. In fact, “Paddle Tennis” or “Paddel Corcuera” was invented in the 1960s in Mexico by Enrique Corcuera (source: The Padel Federation). It’s a game that sits somewhere between tennis and squash, where you hit a ball over a net and against a wall with a special racket that is literally a kind of paddle.

What is Padel? - The Truth About Padel Tennis in Marbella

Why is it not Spelt “Paddle”?

It appears the spelling of the word has changed to suit the Hispanic culture, and the phonetic spelling of the English word paddle became “padel”. We like it, it looks and sounds very international.

Padel tennis women play outdoor court summer

Why is the Sport of Padel Named after the Racket?

There are some things in life we may never know, but we can only assume it is named after the paddle used in the sport because that is a distinguishing feature from tennis.

Tennis Paddles balls arrangement

Tennis is not called “racket” but many sports are indeed named after the equipment they use, like football or basketball. We hope that cleared that one up for you!

The History of Paddle in Marbella

In fact, Marbella goes with padel like peaches and cream. Marbella is the very place that padel was introduced into Spain by none other than Prince Alfonso of Hohenlohe, who built two courts in the Marbella Club Hotel.

Now do you see the intricate connection of padel with this luxurious resort and why it’s so popular here?

Where to Play Padel in Marbella

If padel is your thing, there are many places you can play in and around Marbella. One of the most famous is the Real Club de Padel de Marbella, which is a prestigious gym and padel club. See the location here.

People playing Paddle tennis

For guests who are staying on The Golden Mile, The Puente Romano Tennis Club also offers padel courts and lessons. Contact your Swish concierge for information or if you are looking for a personal padel coach.

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