Escapism with a view: Is Marbella the Perfect Antidote to a Busy Life?

Escapism with a view: Is Marbella the Perfect Antidote to a Busy Life

In these modern times, we are always ‘on’. Whether we’re working, connecting with friends and family online, or scrolling through our social media feeds, it seems like there’s never a moment when we’re not plugged in. And while being constantly connected has its advantages, it can also be quite draining.

Choosing a holiday destination can be a form of escapism in itself. After all, looking at views like this one gets your imagination working!

Villa Los Angeles, or could it be your fastest route to escapism
Villa Los Angeles, or could it be your fastest route to escapism?


So, what is escapism anyway? And how does Marbella, a resort known for its nightlife, glamour, and fast cars, possibly take you away from your worries?

Escapism is the act of evading reality, usually into a world of fantasy or imagination. It can be used as a form of relaxation or stress relief, and it’s something that we all do in one way or another. For some people, escapism can be as simple as reading books or watching movies; for others, it might be going for walks in nature. Whatever form it takes, escapism is an important part of our lives.

In fact, it has become more and more fashionable to talk about ‘escaping’ both as part of the daily grind with wellness at work initiatives, and, even more importantly, activities that take you away from the rat race. Retreats have gained in popularity, but even activities like yoga, meditation and sound healing have become mainstream, as well as more demanded by our guests.

Escapism is what we all crave, and it’s seen as something we deserve, but it can take many different forms.

How to Escape in Marbella

The beautiful Spanish city of Marbella offers everything you need to have fun and to relax. With its stunning beaches, luxurious hotels and fabulous restaurants, Marbella is an ideal retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Dealing with our own busy lives in Marbella we know the importance of letting go from time to time, so these are our suggestions.

Meditation and Mindfulness in Marbella

For anyone who practises meditation, Marbella is the perfect backdrop. Take your pick of glorious views and stunning settings to meditate on. The sea is therapeutic, and the beaches around this famed resort offer sheltered areas to sit and contemplate.

Meditation and Mindfulness in Marbella

Yoga and Wellness in Marbella

Activities such as yoga, pilates and breathwork are common in Marbella. We can organise yoga teachers to visit you in your private villa or recommend classes and activities. With the perfect climate and over 320 days of sunshine per year, waking up to a series of relaxing poses at sunrise is blissful in Marbella.

Yoga and Wellness in Marbella

Digital Detox in Marbella

Perhaps now is the time to take the plunge. That is, the plunge into a digital detox during your trip to Marbella! We can even facilitate it for you, (just give us your devices for safe keeping.) The importance of disconnecting from notifications and emails makes even more sense when you can take a dip in the sea or take a long walk by the golden coastline.

Digital Detox in Marbella

Walking in Marbella

Walking is therapeutic, and there is no better place to walk in our opinion than the coastal path that connects the whole of the Costa del sol, known as the Senda Litoral.  Take a pair of your best and most comfortable shoes, slather on the sun cream and walk until you can’t walk any more!  You don’t need a route, just walk. It’s good for the soul. You will see plenty of interesting people on the paseo and perhaps you can even stop for a refreshment in one of the lovely cafes. Trust us, you can spend a whole morning doing this and completely forget yourself.

Paseo maritimo Marbella Senda Litoral

Spas and Wellness in Marbella

If you want to visit a spa during your stay in Marbella, we can help organise that for you. There are plenty, but what could be better than creating your own at-home spa experience in your Swish villa? Hint: We provide luxury robes and slippers and gorgeous eco-friendly cosmetics from the Balmain range.

Jazmin frontline golf villa in Nueva Andalucia, Marbella

Pick your villa with wellness in mind: in some of our properties you do not need to even leave the house to enjoy the feeling of a spa. Villa Jazmin has a slick indoor pool, superbly decorated of course! You could also try Villa Mercedes in Las Brisas, which comes complete with its own indoor pool and spa.

Spending Time with Family

One of the obvious reasons of going on a family holiday is to spend quality time with your loved ones. That now includes your pets, as many of our villas are pet friendly. (Good news for the furry ones!)

Spending time with family means getting back into enjoying a quality of life at a relaxed pace. In Marbella you have the luxury of dining al fresco most of the year, you have family focused activities like beach days or a day by the pool.  Marbella lends itself well to bonding with those we love.

Spending Time with Family

Friendly reminder: Put those iPhones down and enjoy your family!

We all need a break from reality every now and then. And what better way to escape than by visiting the beautiful city of Marbella? With its stunning beaches, fabulous restaurants, and plethora of activities, Marbella has everything you need to relax and recharge and it’s also a city that is extremely well set-up for  wellness.

If you are looking for an escape to Marbella, contact us and we will be only too happy to help,

With love,

The Swish team xx



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