Cannes and Marbella- Which is the Best Resort

Cannes and Marbella- Which is the Best Resort

The South of France has been a firm favourite of the high society for many years and has an undeniable mystique.  Marbella is also known for its glitzy reputation, popularity with the super-rich and its “Old School Chic”.  We are not afraid of a challenge, so here is our candid comparison of Cannes and Marbella.

Beaches and Marinas in Cannes and Marbella

With the proximity to coastline being one of the main reasons the resorts originally developed, let’s start with beaches and marinas.

The battle of the beaches

The Cannes coastline has around 7.5km of beach, over 13 different beaches and plenty more restaurants on the water’s edge.  Marbella occupies a larger expanse of coast than Cannes, with just under 29 Km of beach to explore.

Marbella and Cannes both boast their fair share of options for sun- worshippers but with a slight difference. Those staying in the French resort will find many private beaches belonging to the iconic hotels of the area. The Carlton beach is just one example. (Rumour has it this was where Grace Kelly filmed “To Catch a Thief” in 1954.).

Ah, La vie est belle.

Beaches and Marinas in Cannes and Marbella
InterContinental Carlton Cannes

In Marbella, you will find more of a mixture, from high-end beach clubs to humble town beaches. One of the first beach clubs in the area, The Marbella Club’s own, is arguably one of the most prestigious. You’ll also find a range of sand quality, from white sandy beaches in Elviria to shingle on The Golden Mile.

Beaches Puerto Banus
Puerto Banus

Harbour Wars

Both resorts attract only the most affluent seafarers with their highly regarded marinas. Cannes has the Vieux port de Cannes, home to 500 moorings with spectacular views and several restaurants next to it. Marbella is famous for Puerto Banus Marina, a larger port with room for over 900 vessels, some of which include the most impressive yachts. Both ports offer the opportunity to feel like a film star for the day, Puerto Banus, however has a slightly flashier reputation.

Vieux port de Cannes
Vieux port de Cannes
Puerto Banus harbor - Marbella
Puerto Banus harbor

Holiday Accommodation in Cannes and Marbella

Both resorts are the epitome of luxury. So, where should you spend your summer?

In Marbella, The Puente Romano and The Marbella Club hotels are practically next door to each other, forming the epicentre of Marbella’s most prestigious leisure area, The Golden Mile.  Cannes has a plethora of now iconic, luxury hotels like the Carlton and The Martinez, all based around La Croisette. These hotels are impressive and offer a traditional vibe and level of service. Consequently, prices reflect this, with Cannes being about 18% more expensive than Marbella in general.

Puente Romano
Puente Romano, Marbella

For those who prefer to rent a luxury villa or apartment instead of a hotel, there is plenty of choice in both resorts.  In Cannes you can find magnificent villas, just as you can in Marbella.

Ultimately, it’s a question of taste. We may be biased but we do think our villas are hard to beat, many with proximity to golf courses, mountain and sea views. And who could argue with this view?

Luxury Villa Gratitude, Golden mile, Marbella, Spain
Luxury Villa in Golden mile, Marbella

The Swish Factor:  Cannes v. Marbella

Booking a vacation is an emotional purchase. Clients tend to choose a destination that they could fall in love with.

Both resorts offer plenty that tug at the heart strings; Cannes has its film festival every May, its prestigious harbour and “La Croisette” shopping area. Stay here and you’re in the French Riviera, with Nice and St Tropez just a short car journey away, close to Monaco, this is really a favourite of the Jet Set. French people are known for their charm, excellent wine, (and love of cheese which we strongly agree with!)  And there is nothing wrong with that, but can it beat those Andalucian sunsets?

Marbella is also a highly regarded, luxury resort with an impressive pedigree of film stars and celebrities who visit year in, year out. While it may not have that “French chic”, it certainly has its own beauty and charm. The climate is also better, and Marbella is more suitable year- round than Cannes, with lower average rainfall and higher temperatures out of season.  With stunning villas in to-die-for scenic locations, surrounded by mountain and sea views, Marbella pulls holidaymakers back again and again. The proximity to golf courses makes the resort a firm favourite, and you can’t beat the Spanish hospitality. Spaniards have a reputation for being incredibly personable and friendly. We would tend to agree.

In summary, both resorts have a great deal to offer the discerning traveller. But a holiday is where the heart is, and our heart lies firmly in Marbella.

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