Is Marbella Better Out of Season?

Is Marbella Better Out of Season

Marbella doesn’t lose its sheen just because the high season ends.  In fact, with 320 days of sunshine a year, it maintains that “oh so peachy” glow all year. So why are we lamenting the end of summer anyway? There are those who only like to come here in July and August, but for more and more of us, once the crowds die down the fun really starts in Marbella.

There’s even the so-called Marbella paradox, where we often end up spending more time outdoors in winter than summer. Read more to find out why for those who live here all year, the best time of year is not when you may think.

September in Marbella

September is a glorious month in southern Spain with perfect temperatures. It’s an ideal time to enjoy some sophisticated lounging in one of Marbella’s many beach bars. During this most coveted, 9th month of the year, some of the tourists have gone home and children go back to school so it’s generally calmer. We are not sure why more people haven’t realised that September is such a great time to visit, it offers value for money and weather that is neither too hot nor too cold. The beach bars remain open, and the town has just the right amount of buzz.

Is Marbella Better Out of Season

Plenty of our villas could make for the perfect September retreat too. Tempted? Browse our villa collection here. But don’t tell everyone, let’s keep September in Marbella our little secret!

Marbella in Autumn

It is not just September when Marbella excels as a resort.

Marbella offers plenty to do out of season, and we love it. This autumn, the annual Marbella Film Festival will take place again in October, bringing an artsy crowd to the city. Be sure to have your camera at the ready!

Is Marbella Better Out of Season

For golfers, this wonderful destination is pretty attractive all the time but the so-called shoulder season in autumn and spring is when the golf enthusiasts can really make the most of it. Lush greens, some of the best golf courses in Europe and blue skies mean this exclusive resort is a golfer’s paradise. Check out our guide to the golf courses in Marbella here.

Is Marbella Better Out of Season

The weather remains good in the latter months of the year and the sunsets are just as delicious as in summer. Those lush terraces? They come into their own in the autumn when the cooler breeze makes sitting on the terrace more comfortable. Time to read those novels you have been meaning to get through!

Is Marbella Better Out of Season

Marbella in Winter

As we move from autumn to winter, you won’t need excessively warm clothing in Marbella, so forget the hats, gloves, umbrellas, and waterproof boots. In fact, you’re almost guaranteed to still feel the sun on your face, especially in the middle of the day. Winter in Marbella is not a chocolate box snow-filled scene, in fact, it’s still sunny, and looking out onto glorious views of palm trees is a delight. It certainly makes a change from sludge, rain, and harsh winds.

Is Marbella Better Out of Season

This is the perfect time of year to enjoy all the region’s natural wonders. Hiking in the mountains or even just taking a long walk in the countryside is so uplifting on a crisp, sunny, winter’s day. But then again, so is the paseo maritimo with its inviting terraces, the marina of Puerto Banus and the old town. There is something romantic and comforting about sipping a warm, freshly brewed coffee on an outdoor terrace, while you watch the world go by. Or, if you prefer, snuggle up by an open fire in your Swish villa with an optional mug of delicious cocoa.

Is Marbella Better Out of Season

Talking of feeling cosy, there’s plenty to do in your Marbella home-from-home even in winter.  Some of our properties have their own cinema room, and Gratitude, an 11-bedroomed masterpiece in itself has a whole entertainment floor in the basement. Villas with indoor pools are also extremely popular in the winter months.

Bizarrely, most of the guests who visit one of our properties in Marbella make just as much use of the outdoor space in winter as in summer, if not more. The climate is milder and it’s easier to sit outside for longer periods; dining al fresco, waking up to a morning yoga sun salutation on the terrace or simply making the most of gardens and rooftop solariums will take away any winter blues you may have had.

Is Marbella Better Out of Season

So, now you understand the Marbella paradox:

The Marbella summer is at its best in Winter!”  It’s delightful to spend time in the sun in the winter months and it’s the time when more people are outdoors in the middle of the day.

Christmas in Marbella

The Spanish celebrate Christmas for several weeks, with their festive period ending after the Kings Day on 6th January. Expect plenty of fiestas and processions, pretty lights illuminating the streets of the old town and all-round good cheer. Christmas in Marbella makes sense for those who want to round off the festive dinner with a walk on the beach or even a dip in the water.

is marbella better out of season 3

Santa still visits wherever you are, and if you choose to spend the festive season in Marbella, he will have no problems getting to you (most of our properties have traditional chimneys!) But here, you’ll get a bonus of sunshine thrown in of course, whether you’ve been good or bad this year. Here’s a few tips on how to get into the Christmas spirit in Marbella.

Spring in Marbella

Before the high season starts in July, spring comes along with a promise of new life, new plants, buds and erm, the summer. Take the sandals, you’ll need them from around April onwards. Granted, this season can show unpredictable weather but overall it’s a fun time to visit this part of southern Spain. You’ll see the city warm up with golfers and tourists, especially around Easter, but it’s still generally calm. A visit to Marbella in spring will allow you to find your zen, whether that means indulging in churros with chocolate in a pretty café or walking on one of Marbella’s many beaches.

Is Marbella Better Out of Season

Call us biased, but we think Marbella is a wonderful resort every month of the year. Living here full time, we see the crowds come and go and the weather changing, but we love the fact that Marbella offers so much to do at any point in the year. It is a tourist resort, but the family-led businesses and local charm stay all year –  even when the tourists go home.

If you are planning a visit to Marbella, message the Swish team who will be only too happy to advise on availability and help you plan your trip.

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